Wednesday, November 9, 2011

breathing again

So, I used to be a big fan of the sitcom Home Improvement when it was on prime time. There was this one episode where Randy Taylor went in for a visit to the doctor, and suddenly came home with a problem. It was either a goiter, hypothyroidism, or cancer. And boy oh boy, Jill and Tim were prayin' for a goiter. Randy overheard his parents worried whispers, and took off to the arcade to distract himself from the stress.

Well, call me Randy. And I just got home from an 8-month stay at the arcade.

So. 8 months ago I was at the doctors office for a regular check up. Dr. thought my thyroid felt large. Told me it was probably nothing, but she was going to send me for an ultrasound, anyway. Had the ultrasound, and the techs said hey we think there's something there, but its probably nothing. We'll do that again later, anyway, just in case. And then they saw the 3 cm nodule sitting nicely behind my thyroid, and said hey nodules are really common. It's probably nothing but we'll send you to an endocrinologist, anyway. And then the endocrinologist says, 3 cm is about 3x the size of "normal" nodules. It's probably nothing, but we'll do a biopsy anyway. And then the biopsy comes back with atypical cells. And the endocrinologist says, its probably nothing, maybe an error, but we'll do another biopsy anyway. And then the second biopsy comes back the same, and so does the core sample. And the endocrinologist says, hey there's this type of cancer that will cause these biopsy results, because you need to see the WHOLE thing to actually see the cancer. It's probably nothing, but we'll take out half your thyroid, and that growth that's attached to it, anyway.

And after hearing all of this, you really start to think that when it's probably nothing, it's probably something. And you don't know what. And you don't know why. And you don't know if you should be worried, but all of a sudden seemingly small numbers like 15% and 20% (the odds I'd have this cancer) start looking like really big numbers. And you feel kind of silly for worrying when really, odds are in your favor that it's nothing, but you can't shake the feeling that it's something. And you're already a worrier, who can get worked up into a frenzy without having any real, tangible thing to worry about. And then you have this. And you don't want to talk about it or think about it, but when you're alone in the car, or trying to fall asleep after a hard day, all you can think about is, holy crap what if this is cancer? And you just cry and cry with the worry. And you do any and everything you can to try and distract yourself from the worry, but nothing seems to push it out of your mind. Even thyroid cancer, which is one of the least deadly, most successfully treated types of cancer, scares the crap out of me. I could still be sick, and these babies of mine, they need me. And for 8 months I felt like I couldn't breathe.

On Friday, they took out the right lobe of my thyroid, and the nodule attached to it. Preliminary pathology came back benign, but full pathology results weren't done until today. And I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to breathe again. It was benign. Didn't talk terribly in depth (I will on Tuesday at my post-op appt), but the dr basically told me that had this been overlooked and not noticed for another 5, maybe 10 years... this would be cancer.

And it suddenly dawned on me just how lucky I am that my doctor decided to go back and feel my throat a second time, because she thought it felt funny. It was by sheer luck that we were able to find and remove this 3cm piece of funk that had the potential to turn my life upside down, 10 years down the road. It's also given me great perspective, and helped me to know, in the smallest way, what it must be like for people who have real, long term health problems. And it has made me so grateful for what I have. And especially for what I don't have.

(Randy Taylor had hypothyroidism, and had to take thyroid hormone medication daily. I know you were worried about that.)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alyssa, Just remember...

Note to Self:

Being a mom is way harder than you thought it was going to be. Even with just two kids, there are A LOT of days when you darn near pull your hair out. Emma's quite good at being two, and her dare-devil, defiant independence is the best and worst thing about her. And Izzy is just a sweet little ball of butter who has the misfortune of just about every day being a very bad-no good-down-and-out sort of day, in some way or another. It's not her fault that she's got tummy problems, or that she's having a hard time with teething, or that she's picked up bugs and colds here and there. Wouldn't you cry a lot if every day you felt like crap?

But Alyssa, just remember, that even on a night like tonight, there are sweet moments to savor.

Savor those moments when Emma, who can rarely sit still, wants nothing more than to sit next to you and read book after book after book after book.

Savor those moments during middle of the night potty trips, when she wraps her arms around your neck, and whispers "I love you Zurg." (Because she, of course, is Buzz Lightyear...)

Savor those moments at the park when she wants to hold your hand, as you go down the side-by-side slides together.

Savor those moments when your girls are in the swings next to each other, both of them giggling as you push them along.

Savor those moments when Izzy pulls herself up on your shoulder, and gives you big sloppy kisses.

Savor those moments when she laughs with delight Every. Single. Time. that you pop out from behind the blanket and say "peekaboo!"

Savor those moments when, in the midst of her screaming, she stops and nuzzles into that perfect spot on your neck, and you can feel the soft rhythm of her breathing and she drifts away into sleep.

Savor those moments when you know the only thing that can soothe her is you.

Savor those moments...

All those years you spent wishing to be a mother. You weren't dreaming of the poopy diapers, and the crying, and the boogers, and the tantrums, and the teething, and the shots, and sleepless nights. You were dreaming about all the moments to savor. And they are here. They are happening. Remember them. Love them. And let them get you through these long, long nights. You have so, so much to be grateful for.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Things I like:

*When playing with her cars, instead of saying vroom, Emma says "Verm Verm!"

*My ENT finally solved the mystery of my ears. It's an antiobiotic-resistant super bug. And now I've got the right drugs to treat it. Hooah.

*Tonight my mother-in-law was holding Izzy and asked her where her mommy was. She smiled really big, then pointed to me!

*Our sump pump is holding out, and keeping our basement dry. I really, really like this.

*We live pretty much right in between the Swatty in Hershey (down Rt. 39 to the East) and the Susquehanna River downtown (down Rt. 39 to the West). We are so lucky in our location right now.

*My sister Chrysta moved to the DC area, and we've already seen them three times in just over a month. Heading down to see her again next week.

*While we're there, my brother Scott will be at Pax River with his plane (he's a navy pilot) and we'll get a tour!

*When Izzy makes this face, with her little baby dino spikes! And she's rash free!

*When Emma makes this face. It's her "I'm a star" face.

*When my little girls cuddle up to Franklin, our new five foot teddy bear, that daddy brought home.

*I think we've found the true secret to Izzy's hair-do.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Photo Shoot

Ok, so before you go thinking I've jumped on the "update blog format" bandwagon, let me tell ya's something. I have been planning on updating my blog for a while now. I mean, the picture for my header was taken 5.5 years ago on our honeymoon in Hawaii. And the other pictures were of Emma when she was 9 weeks old. So, we're overdue for a change. BUT. I wanted to wait to update my blog until we had our family photos taken! Which happened in July!! Soooooo now I have lovely pics to highlight here. So don't go thinking I stole the idea from you!

ANYWAY. My friend Dani happens to be married to Matt who happens to be an amazing Sports photographer. He's had photos in Sports Illustrated, among other things. Oh, and he also done family portraits now! WOOT WOOT for connections! So Matt did our photos and they are amazing. I was totally nervous, because I thought Izzy was going to be a wreck. The shoot was right smack dab in the middle of when she'd normally be napping. But, surprisingly, she was alllllllll smiiiiiiiiiiles for the entire shoot. Emma, on the other hand... well she was her usual wild self.

At first she was pretending to be shy for Matt. Then she got all weird and actually MADE HERSELF SAD for real. Like, crying, tears-running-down-the-cheeks sad. But Matt wooed her with his camera and some high fives, and then she was down for it. For about 30 minutes. After that she started trying to eat sticks, ran away various times, and nearly jumped into a pond. But I digress.

Moral of the story, Matt (and Dani, who joined us later) were awesome and got some great photos of the family and especially of the girls. They were so lovely, in fact, that afterwards at lunch, Emma asked us why "cousins" Matt and Dani didn't come with us:)

So if you're in the area, and you need photos, Matthew O'Haren Photography is the way to go. Here's a peek at a few of my favorite pictures!!

My favorite family portrait

My three most absolute favorite people in the universe

My lovely ladies and I

Emma, pre-stick eating

My hammy little Izz-bot

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Life as Muppets

Recently, I've been reflecting on my family. I have been thinking about the unique characteristics of each of us, and the unique qualities we bring to the family. We are definitely an interesting bunch. And the thought occurred to me that with the whackos we are, everyday life is like an episode of The Muppet Show. Waka waka. So, without further ado, let me introduce my Muppet Family.

Alyssa, as Janice.

Free loving, guitar slingin', leader of the crew. Tries to go with the flow, and keep the people happy. Known to have a fondness for side ponies.

Mike, as Waldorf and Statler.

He's one man providing the crotchetyness of two muppets. Ever the outward grump, full of sarcasm and dry wit. But although he may seem like a grump on the outside, on the inside he's really more like

Fozzie Bear
Just loveable, cuddly, and ever the comedian.

Emma, as Animal.

Self explanatory, but for those who've never met her, I'll explain.

Wild, with a proclivity towards turning every item in a room into a drum. She bounces off walls and shouts at the top of her lungs in a barbaric, primal tone. Looks, and is, a little bit crazy. Ok, a lot crazy.

Isabella, as Beaker.

Known for high pitched, unintelligible mutterings. Due to circumstances beyond her control, she is often luckless and forlorn. But no fear, each day is a new chance to "meep meep" her way to happiness and success. Also, the hair.

And there you have my Muppets.

Monday, August 15, 2011


I am about to vent. Feel free to disregard.

There are a lot of things going through my head right now. Over the last two years there have been a lot of negative experiences piling up, and they are just getting to me. For example, almost as soon as I had Emma, I learned that perfect strangers will feel completely comfortable giving me unsolicited advice, criticizing my actions or inaction, giving dirty looks or glares, making rude comments in that kind of whisper that is meant for you to hear, scolding my children, or PUTTING FOOD DIRECTLY INTO THEIR MOUTH. And the list goes on. I've just learned that there are crazies out there with no filter, no sense of proper social etiquette, no concern for the feelings of others. It was hard at first not to take these encounters personally. It was hard to realize that these people were making snap judgments based on minimal observation, and that they REALLY had no clue what they were talking about. But slowly, I've gotten better at letting those harsh encounters roll off my back. I still get upset sometimes, (like when a woman scolded me in the parking lot of Target for changing izzy, who'd had a blow out, in the back of my car instead of taking her inside where "they have stations for that...") but generally I'm able to take it for what it is.

But more recently, I've picked up on an undertone coming from people who aren't just strangers. People who I consider friends. People who know me, and know my kids, and know about our life. People who I thought would be understanding. The first part of this that bothers me is the "you're JUST a stay at home mom" attitude. I chose this path. My husband works very hard to make it possible. And I think I do important work. I don't like it when others minimize that.

The second part of this is the small little digs people make about my kids or my parenting. Emma is hyper and out of control sometimes. I know that. It is only exacerbated around large groups of kids/people. She is just so happy to be out and about, and she really has unbounded energy. She has gotten much better about controlling it, and about knowing how to behave, but for heaven's sake, she's 2! Isn't that part of what being 2 is about? Being wild and crazy and running and playing and jumping and singing and being all spunky and stuff? And yet, two different people made the comment to me that if their oldest was like Emma, they'd be an only child. Adding "haha" to the end of that statement does not make it any less insulting.

And Izzy. Poor Izzy. First the stomach problems, and now teething. She's having a hard time, and she cries. A lot. I'm sorry if it bothers you, but telling me to just "nurture more" because you "nurture" your baby and he hasn't had any problems with teething, well that's not really helpful. And obviously it means you think I don't nurture my kids! OF COURSE I DO!

Ugh. So stupid. I wish these types of comments were coming from people that I could just blow off. Or from people that I could just tell off. But these comments come from people that I never expected. And it hurts.

So I've just been asking myself why I let it get to me. And the honest answer is that its because I'm insecure. People aren't saying anything that I haven't already worried about in the back of my head. I worry about Emma. I worry about whether or not she'll be able to slow down and thrive in a school environment. I worry about Izzy, and if I'm doing enough to comfort her. But I know deep down that I am doing the best that I can. I know we all can't be perfect. And I don't expect perfection from myself. But goshdarnit I hate hate hate when others feel the need to put me down to elevate themselves. Worst of all, coming from my friends. And its just made me realize that a purge is necessary. No more room for haters.


Saturday, July 30, 2011


You are about to be bombarded. With pictures and videos. Of cuteness. Of Cuteness SO CUTE, that your ovaries will explode. If you do not possess ovaries, these pictures and videos will cause your body to spontaneously generate them, and THEN they will explode. You're Welcome.

Playing Peekaboo

Seriously, Izzy LOVES peekaboo

Her blankie was in the wash...

It's normal for kids to dress up like a lady bug on a typical saturday afternoon, Right?

Izzy loves a nice tubby

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

Lately, we've been watching Beauty and the Beast a lot. And there are a few things I need to say.

First, in the beginning sequence the narrator tells us that there was this Prince who had everything he wanted, and he was spoiled and all that. He couldn't see the beauty in the haggard old lady, so she cursed him and gave him a rose that would wither away over time. If he didn't learn to love before the last petal fell, on his 21st birthday, he'd be a beast forever.

Later, in the song Be Our Guest, it makes reference to the fact that they've been in this enchanted state for 10 years.

Now, using my powers of deductive reasoning, my skill in extrapolation, my interest in inference, this tells me that when the prince was turned into a beast, he was 10 years old.

REALLY??? 10??? What ten year old isn't at least a little bit spoiled? And a prince, at that. A 10 year old prince will be spoiled. Do you know many ten year olds who, when approached by a strange, hunchbacked, hideous old woman, wouldn't at least give her a weird look?? I mean come on, those are pretty high expectations for a ten year old.

Also. He was ten. Where were his parents?? Even if you were far off traveling, don't you think you'd send communications every once in a while to check on your pre-teen son? Maybe they were dead or something, but wouldn't that then make the "Prince" the King instead?

ALSO. If he was a prince, how come nobody in the whole flipping country knew their prince had been turned into a beast FOR TEN YEARS??? Aren't royalty expected to make decisions, or at least public appearances? And nobody notices when the prince goes missing?? It's not like the royal staff could make appearances on his behalf, because they were turned into flippin' candlesticks, clocks, teapots and armoires... And even if the small villages didn't know about the prince, how did they all find the castle so easily, huh?

I mean, Belle's dad stumbled upon it, but then Phillipe (the horse) was able to take Belle right to the gates even though he wasn't actually there when the old man found the castle in the first place. And then, later, the angry mob was able to march straight to the castle, even though they'd never heard of the beast before, and even though Belle and her father, the only two people who supposedly knew about the castle, were locked in the cellar.

The pieces don't add up, people. They just don't add up.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Warrior Dash

Bird, Also too muddy

This was the "shower". A fire truck with hoses.

A much belated post on the warrior dash...

So. Bird and I ran a Warrior Dash! It was just over a month ago, and it was awesome. We had to drive out to the middle of nowhere, because the races generally take place in the middles of nowheres. It was a fun drive, and included Bird needing to pee, so she got out of the drivers seat and I got in, she ran back to a restaurant, and was forced to buy a gatorade to be able to use the restroom, and then she ran back to the car, which had only moved about 400 yards while she was gone. That was fun.

Also, the parking lot was a mud pit, and it was questionable if my little Civic was going to make it out alive. But it did. As did Bird and I.

Ok, so the race. It was awesome. Started out with roaring flames carrying us into the wooded path where the race took place. We had to crawl through a dark maze, climb over 5' walls, crawl under barbed wire, run through knee deep mud, cut through a lake, more mud, climb over a 20' wall, climb over a 15' cargo net, run over 5 or 6 junkyard cars, run through tires, crawl through tunnels, jump over flames, and crawl under another 20 yards of barbed wire, in the mud, to get to the finish line.

You know, easy peasy.

It was really intense. After just the first few obstacles, I kind of thought I was toast, and was questioning whether or not I'd even be able to finish. But that's always my problem with running. Once I get past the three mile mark, I can run and run forever, I just hit my stride, catch my breath, and my legs just go on autopilot. So, when I'm running a race that's only 3.5 miles, and adds in the obstacles... well let's just say I never really felt like I hit my stride. The mud is really what held me back. Trail running isn't my forte, and it had rained heavily the whole week prior to the race, so even the parts that weren't "mud pits" were pretty much covered in a thick layer of slime that made it difficult to get my footing.

But anyway, long story short, it was hard. But MAN OH MAN was it fun! I really enjoy pushing myself, and this was great. I had a goal of finishing in under an hour, but I had no idea if that was realistic in terms of the course, or just how much the obstacles would slow me down. In the end, I finished in 48 minutes and some odd seconds. But what I'm most proud of is that I finished 76th out of almost 800 women in my age group. Booyah:)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And it keeps coming...

Figured I'd update on Izzy so you're not all wondering... she is doing MUCH better. I feel a sick sense of dread having just typed that. The JINX is probably on its way to my house right now...

ANYWAY. She is doing better. Once she was able to start on solids, it made the formula problem less pressing. We are sort of doing a formula shuffle, so she isn't taking so much of one kind that it affects her too badly. Kind of annoying, but its workable. And the solids, well that means less dependence on formula, and so far her stomach is handling it pretty well.

Emma is still a handful. Her communication skills continue to improve, and she says some really funny things. She quotes movies, reenacts scenes and everything. Today she had her stuffed animals, using different voices, reenact the scene from Despicable Me where Gru is trying to get the girls to skip dance class to deliver cookies to Vector. It was so funny listening to her. She is also doing really well with the whole being potty trained thing. She still sometimes has accidents at night, but its few and far between. And I can only think of one occassion that she's had a daytime accident. So, you know, the JINX is coming on that account, too, I bet.

As far as the rest of life goes, things are pretty good. I can't seem to get healthy for more than a few weeks at a time. This time its been a round of horrible, horrible ear infections. And now, after injections and ear drops and oral antibiotics, it's coming back. Pretty frustrating. But I guess if that's the worst of my problems, I can't complain. (Ok, we all know I CAN complain, but I shouldn't).

Think that's about it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Picture Happy

I got a little picture happy at the end of this post. Apologies to you picture haters, but my kids are friggen cute, so deal with it.

Anyway, life here is swell. Super hot and humid, but such is June in PA. We have actually been crazy busy keeping up with the kids and keeping them entertained. Which is good, but also tiring. Izzy is doing better, although she still likes to throw us for a loop every now and then. She's got her front two bottom teeth now, so I'm feeling slightly relieved that she's on the bottle already. I really don't have much else to post, but Mike and I are taking a little weekend getaway to DC in a couple weeks, so I'll have something of interest to talk about then. Because I know you really don't want to hear about my playdates and potty training and all that encompasses my life right now. Frankly, I don't even want to hear about it. So just ooooh and aaaah over my pictures and call it a post...

Emma eyeing up a turtle
Mike has been waiting approximately 2.5 years to do this. Emma finally obliged.

Izzy being all sad and stuff

Izzy and her tubby faux-hawk

Emma buried Izzy in pillow cushions and they both thought it was the most hilarious thing that ever happened in the history of the universe

Emma reading to Izzy

Sister Love

Emma may or may not find great joy in being a cookie monster

And Izzy may or may not find great joy in playing in her exersaucer

This is Izzy's natural hair. Several people have asked if I style it that way. The answer is no, it styles itself.

Anyone remember Bird doing this for a while? Like...years???

More Sister Love

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Had our first yard sale today. It wasn't so shabby. Learned a lot about hardcore yardsale shoppers. Had an interesting conversation with a man who said he really didn't need to pay the ticketed price on a jacket, because after all it was a woman's jacket and HE was in fact, A MAN. Today was also the first day that Emma was really outside since she started potty training. That didn't go so well, but I'm 100% positive that it's because she was getting REALLY annoyed with us for asking, "Emma are you clean and dry?" and "Emma, you'll tell mommy and daddy if you need to pee or poop, right?", every 27 seconds. In the end, she had an accident, but it was during a tantrum that was more or less brought on by the fact that I was sort of trying to force her to go to the potty. (ie, oh, you want to walk up to the park? Well, we can't walk up to the park until you go potty, because there aren't any potties at the park! You don't want to go potty? Well sorry, no park then!) So, lesson learned. Otherwise, PT has had its ups and downs, but she is doing generally well, knock on wood.

Other stuff, other stuff....


I really don't know what else to say. Just felt the need to put something out there, because if I keep having these longs breaks I'm just never gonna come back to blogging. It feels too overwhelming to come back and post after a long break. SARA KILGORE, NOW I KNOW YOUR PAIN. But anyway, I know the world needs me, and my 3 devoted readers would be lost without the sage words found in this blog. (HA! Get it? SAGE words? Bahahahahaha I kill myself!)

Oh there's this other thing that I've been wanting to mention for a while...

I don't know if I ever blogged about it when it happened, but when I was about 37 weeks pregnant I got really severe inner and outer ear infections in both ears. I was essentially deaf, my ears were so swollen I couldn't chew, and I had to sleep sitting straight up (too pregnant to lay on my back, and too painful to lay on my sides). At this time, I went to the doctor and he was all concerned about what he could give me since I was pregnant. One of the things he prescribed was this really old school ear drop. After the first day of using it, my ears hurt so much worse. Called the doctor, said it was common for things to get worse before it got better. Dang. Two more days, I was literally crying in pain every time these drops went in. Got an appointment with another doctor. He gasped when he saw my ears. This acid based drop basically seared the inside of my ears. The flesh was literally burning away every time I put these drops in. And I did it 4 times a day for 3 days. I'm no genius, but that's 12 times.

ANYWAY. What I'm getting at, is that this happened just over 7 months ago. And ever since then, my ears have not produced earwax. Not one tiny little speck of earwax. For 7 months. What's up with that? I'll be honest, it makes my obsession with Q-tips somewhat less satisfying.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Where to begin?


It's been a while. So here's a recap (because I know you all care so deeply...)

I was doing pretty great with the working out and weight loss. For a while. I was doing my P90X religiously for 8 weeks. So I did the first 2 phases, but got tripped up at the 3rd and last phase. I had lost a good 6 or 7 pounds, was losing inches, and more importantly, just feeling GOOD and light on my feet. And then...

Izzy blew up. Not literally, but she was entered a really bad stretch of stomach problems. She's had lots of ups and downs since she was born, and at 4.5 months just got ugly. She was screaming for hours on end, and was struggling and straining to pass gas and poop. She wasn't napping or sleeping well at night. She was struggling to eat and would often scream through meals, and twice she just stopped eating altogether. We ended up in the ER after a particularly bad day (she had refused to eat for almost 18 hours). After lots of testing, we know at this point that her anatomy is normal, so its likely an allergy of some sort.

Through all of this, I had to stop nursing and put her on a hypoallergenic formula. I basically took her to the doctor, and left knowing that I couldn't nurse her anymore. It was devastating. SO ANYWAY.

This totally killed my working out for a good 5 weeks. I was doing it during naps or at night after they went to bad. So, if Izzy doesn't sleep, I don't work out! And on top of that, I spent a good amount of time drowning my sorrows in all the dairy that I couldn't eat while nursing. So I'm a fatty fatty fat fat now.

Good news, Izzy's doing somewhat better. She's sleeping better, is having some good happy time during the day, and isn't straining or struggling so much. We have an appt with the gastroenterologist in two weeks, so hopefully we will get some answers on how to keep these episodes away.

On another note, Emma is awesome. She's just really hilarious, and its been fun to see the way her brain works, and how creative and imaginative she is. She's also been a trooper as we are working out Izzy's issues. Its amazing how patient and compassionate a 2 year old can be!

Also. Bird and I are running a Warrior Dash in about a month. It should be cool.

I think that's all I've been doing lately.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where's Izzy?

Izzy is a slobber monkey. So, we change her sheets a lot. And I didn't keep up with her laundry this week, so I used a sheet from Emma's set, which has little safari animals on it. And then I put Izzy in her Minnie Mouse pj's tonight, and... well... this is what she looks like on the video monitor. I had a mild heartattack at first, because I glanced at the monitor and could not find her. NOTE TO SELF: DON'T BORROW EMMA'S SHEETS AGAIN.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, or also, too, why my life is awesome...

(I don't know why Mike took this picture, but I find it really, REALLY funny)

Nana reading to Emma (instead of watching the Superbowl. That's love.)

You're never too young for horsey rides

She really wants to eat that elephants face

Some days, Emma just feels like regressing

my girls are just cute

She knows she's cute

And the proof is written all over her face!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Going Public

I recently stepped on a scale. It read 180. I am 5'9 1/2. I weighed 135 when I got married. That was just over 5 years ago. I started P90X this week, and am planning to train for a warrior dash, some 5k's, a half marathon, and perhaps another full marathon. I just wanted to make this all public, so now I'm accountable.

I know I'm not super fat or anything, but I just don't feel healthy. I don't need to be 135 again, but a loss of 25 lbs would make me at least feel healthy again. It's about time I did something about it.

That is all.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Many Faces of Haley

I have a "woe is me" post in the making. Until then, please enjoy these pics from a Christmas time photo shoot with my hawt niece. I give you, HALEY JAYNE!

Princess Fiona


Starlet Mr. Krabs

Plain Old Mr. Krabs