Friday, November 28, 2008

She's Here:)

Emma Kay Sage joined our family on 11/22/08 at 8:04 pm. She weighed 6 lbs 14 oz, and measured 21 inches long. She now is only 19.5 inches long, since she's not a cone head anymore:)

Labor was long and arduous, but it's also the best thing I've ever done. For the record, I DID NOT take castor oil, and I DID go into labor on my own:) I'm very thankful that I did not have to be induced. However, it would have been nice not to have been in labor for 37 hours, start to finish. But, I guess that's life:)

We are still adjusting to life with a baby (A BABY?? WHAT? SHE'S MINE? YOU MEAN I GET TO KEEP HER?? RADICAL!). I'm very thankful that my mom is here with us, and that we have so much family, so close, to help us out. I'm also very thankful that Emma is currently dozing next to me wearing her turkey day outfit. Because she's just so cute!

I'm in love:)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


An update for those of you who don't get the family emails...

The Dr.'s appt yesterday was ok. I'm still only 1 cm dilated. I have a non stress test and ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

Due date discrepancy: The initial estimate (when I was 8 weeks) was 11/19. Later that day I had an ultrasound, and they said the due date was actually 11/16. At every appt. since then, the countdown has lined up with an 11/16 due date. Then at my appt. last week, the lady who was scheduling me for another appt. said that in my charts, the due date was still recorded as 11/19. Confused, we asked the Dr. about it yesterday. He explained that yes, the ultrasound date of 11/16 was more accurate, but that in order to change my due date in my chart, there needed to be 4 or more days of difference between the estimate based on my last period, and what the ultrasound showed. SO. There was only 3 days difference, so even though we spent 32 weeks operating under the timeline of an 11/16 due date, they never made the change in my charts. Why does this matter? Because it effects the date I will be induced, if I don't pop naturally.

So. I'm scheduled to be induced on Tuesday morning at 9:00 am, instead of on Saturday or Sunday. At this point, 2-3 days just seems like a really long time. At any rate, if I'm able to deliver naturally after being induced, I'll be sent home from the hospital on the morning of Thanksgiving. If for some reason I have to have a c-section, I'd be sent home the day after Thanksgiving.

So, that's my story. I'm cranky. And tired. And I think I'm just going to hunker down in the house until she gets here.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Notice: To Whom it may Concern

I'm taking a page from the book of Anna, (who I believe was taking a page from the book of one of her Rawlins' SIL's) and issuing an eviction notice to the tenant of my womb.

Dearest Bean:

You are totally awesome and cool. That said, Get Out.

Please consider this your final notice. You must vacate the premises of my womb immediately. Don't misunderstand my motives or intentions. I will sorely miss the internal tenderization of my organs. I will miss our afternoon naps together. I will miss having your little elbow serve as my alarm clock. I will miss cuddling with your little butt up under my ribs.

However, there are some things that I am looking forward to, with your departure from the womb. First, I look forward to the return of a normal center of gravity. I am also looking forward to sleeping on my back, to walking and not "waddling", to having control of my own bladder, to touching my toes, or putting shoes on without grunting or sweating, to wearing pants that aren't elastic, and to drinking Dr. Pepper with reckless abandon.

Mostly, Bean, I am looking forward to YOU. Yes, you. You will cry. You will poop. You will spit up and/or puke on my nicest outfits. You will wake me in the middle of the night. Repeatedly. You will make me worry. You will only increase my paranoia and fear of the irrational. But you will also be AWESOME. And that's a fact, I know it already.

Also, Bean, your father would like for you to come out, now. So that I will stop whacking him in the middle of the night with the gigantic pillow I'm required to keep between my knees when I sleep. And so I will stop making him put on my socks and tie my shoes for me. And so I will stop wearing his clothing, which looks oh-so-ridiculous on me, but is also oh-so-comfortable.

Mostly, Bean, he is looking forward to YOU. Yes, you. You will cry. You will poop. You will spit up and/or puke. And he will pass you off to me:) But that's ok, because I like you. Aw, heck. I love you! Bean, your father would also like to play with your toys. He's already unwrapped them and broken them in for you. But he's feeling a little silly playing with them all by himself. He'd like a friend to play with. And he'd like none other than you. (Side note, right after I finished typing those last few sentences, Mike walked out into the living room with "Mr. Monkey", his favorite rattle.)

So, Bean, get out. Get out. Get out. Get out here. We'd like to meet you:)


Your (Ugly) Mom

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I need

Here's a list of some things that I need:

1. Sleep.
Everyone is saying, "Oh get all the sleep you can now, because HAHAHAHA you won't sleep a wink once baby is here!" Great, in theory. Except that I get up every 5 minutes to pee. Or if I'm not getting up to pee, I'm having to flop over from side to side because my hips are in excruciating pain. So lately I'm ending up on the couch, which doesn't provide for very sound sleep either. And I've been having trouble NAPPING lately. If you know know I love my naps. So this is very upsetting to me. Egads, if I can't sleep, can I at least have a baby here as the reason??????

2. A Baby.
I need a baby. No really, I just need her to get here. I love her so much already, and she's going to be awesome and totally cool. And she just needs to get here so that these weird, horrible awful nightmares about bad things happening during labor will go away. So, get here, ok?

3. A pedicure.
It's getting a wee bit chilly in this neck of the woods to be wearing flip flops, but I'm even more opposed to traditional footwear now than I was a couple months ago. So my feet are all dry and rough. And I can't reach them.

4. A Cool Code Word.
Mike and I just rented Juno last week. And when Juno goes into labor, her code was "Thundercats are go!". So now Mike and I feel that we need to have an awesome code word/phrase to use. I think we're both secretly hoping I go into labor while he's at work, so I can call him and yell out whatever we come up with as our cool code! Suggestions are welcome.

5. To Stop Cleaning.
I have had the uncontrollable urge to clean and disinfect every surface of my house. I've mopped my floors more times in the last month than I had in the 2+ years we'd lived in this house before then. And my bathtub...pristine. I know this is what you'll call the "nesting" urge, or whatever. I've been told it sets in just a few days before labor is go. BUT - I've had this urge for weeks now. And where's baby? Please refer to #2. Get here.

6. People to stop saying, "So, no baby yet?"
Um. I think it's obvious upon seeing me, that NO, there's no baby yet. Because I'm still huge and whale-like. It seems silly to even have to answer that question.

7. To stop freaking Bird out with random text messages.
Apparently I haven't been very sensitive to the situation, because Bird told me last night (after I sent her yet another randomly timed and meaningless text message) that she'd have to start keeping her cell phone with her all the time, because when she heard her phone she frantically ran up the stairs because she thought it was me calling to say I'd gone into labor. My bad.

8. Chrysta to post a new blog?
Chrysta, as far as I know, there's no new Stephanie Meyers books out right now, so people are totally checking your blog. And noticing that you're still in repentence. So, you should post a new blog, even if it only includes ridiculously cute pictures of your family. But if you'd like to add words to it, and share with us all the happenings of your life lately, that would be awesome too.

9. To go get some leftovers for lunch.
I made potato soup last night for dinner. And I love it so much! And now I'm going to go eat some more. Yum.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Awwwwww Yeah!

So, I just had the funnest days ever!

Yesterday my sister Bird, mom, mother-in-law and BFF Jean put together a shower for me! Hooray! I got to see some great friends I hadn't seen in a while, and we had an all around good time, so it was awesome! Thanks to everyone who was able to come, and thanks SO MUCH for all the wonderful gifts! It was like Christmas, but then I felt guilty because I was the only one who got to open presents! I guess that's just how a shower works...

There were lots of funny moments, and secretly (well not anymore), I laughed so hard at one point that I peed a little. Shhhhh. Don't tell.

And then today, Mike and I put together our crib and changing table for Bean's room. I can't begin to express how fun and exciting it was! It wasn't the most restful sabbath activity, but it was a great bonding time for us, and good family time, I think. The crib and changing table are just perfect...I love them so much! It makes her room feel totally different!! After it was all put together and in the right spot, I just kind of stood in the room and got all teary, because it hit me really hard that she will actually be here. Like...SOON! I just can't wait!! Once I get her bedding washed and put on, get decorations up and get things organized the way I want them, I'll post pics, I promise! Hopefully...that will all get done BEFORE she gets here, now that I'm done with work and have some time on my hands!

And speaking of such baby related things (which are the only things I speak of lately, it seems) I just have to mention a few funnies. First, is that I've been having some Braxton Hicks contractions. Except, I can never remember that they're called Braxton Hicks, and instead usually tell mike I'm having "Toni Braxton" contractions. So, unbreak my heart, baby! Also funniness...Mike likes to remind me to do my Kegels. Except he can never remember that they're called Kegels, and instead tells me to do my "Cankles". I don't even bother correcting him anymore! And also speaking of cankles...many of you will be happy to know that I am developing them. My feet and especially my hands are starting to swell! My fingers look like little sausages, and my rings are permanently stuck on my finger. But I guess it's all worth it. The only thing I'm really bummed about are the stretch marks on my tummy that I developed about 3 days ago. Seriously. I have 2 weeks left, and I get stretch marks now? Everything I've read and heard said that IF I was going to get them at all, they would have started showing up months ago! Grrrr... they're pretty light, and not terribly bad, so I'm hoping that they'll go away after Bean's born. I don't there any actual hope of stretch marks going away?? I can't tell you how much I hate the ones on my thighs, that I've had since I was twelve, hit puberty, and got tall really fast. Grrr...I hate them.

BUT - I digress.

Tuesday is the election and I would like to mention a few things, as a former Citizenship Education Professional. That's right. You heard me. When I was in college, the PA Dept. of Education decided that Social Studies shouldn't be called Social Studies, but should be called Citizenship Education. So technically, my degree is in History, with a Citizenship Education focus. The PADoE has since reversed this decision, and calls Social Studies, Social Studies again. But that's besides the point.

Um, right the election. I knew I was going somewhere with that. Vote or Die. Well, ok I won't kill you if you don't vote. But P-Diddy might. I'm pretty sure he's probably got guns. Perhaps that might influence the way you feel about the NRA??? I'm not sure.

I digress again. VOTE! I don't care who YOU vote for. I really don't. I have my own political opinions, and I have valid reasons for those opinions. I don't, however, feel the need to justify to ANYONE why I will vote the way I'm going to. People, it's a SECRET BALLOT for a reason. No one in this nation should be persecuted for their political affiliations. In the past couple of months I have spoken to individuals who have been alienated from their families or friends because of how they are planning to vote. That, my friends, is sad. Very, very sad. In this country, over 80% of the population considers themselves to be "moderate". This means that in the political spectrum, 80% of us are lumped right in the middle. Either just barely Republican or just barely Democrat. What does this mean? It means that the difference between Republicans and Democrats is more subtle than most of us realize. The number of those in the far left or far right is very small, and some of those politicians or activists who are labeled as "far right" or "far left" are really...far from it. I feel that if we could just recognize our differences, get over them, and then instead focus on those goals and ideologies we have in common, the political process would be much less vicious, and far more productive and efficient. In the past several months I have also seen many individuals who have the most insane logic for why they are going to vote. I know I just said that no one should have to justify why they are voting how they are...but I must also make a plug for people to be informed. For instance, I don't think the fact that Barack Obama is black would be a good reason not to vote for him. Sadly, my husband works with a woman who thinks that his skin color should be the major reason McCain gets elected. I've also heard people say that they won't vote for McCain because he's too wealthy. Let's get real, people. How many high level politicians do you know that aren't wealthy? Wealthier than you and me, anyway. Voting is important, and being informed about BOTH candidates and their platforms is equally important.

So that's my two cents, it's all I really have to say. Vote. It's important. Or Die. P-Diddy's making a list, and checking it twice. He also says, BK is open late. And since I do everything P-Diddy says, I'm going to vote, and then I'm going to go to BK.

Curly Fries....MMmmmmmmm.