Sunday, February 11, 2007


ANNA - PLEASE CALL OFF YOUR PAL-MIZZY BOMBERS!! NO SCHOOL EXPLOSION NEEDED!! Although as former students, I'm sure they would have enjoyed it. Unfortunately, the school still so graciously pays me, and therefore I'd like for it not to be a burning pile of rubble, despite previous comments to the contrary. Thank you, that is all for now.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Apology Accepted, Motha Nature!

Well well well... it appears that all I need to do to get what I really want is complain about it in every possible venue to anyone who can stand to listen to me yammer on. SWEET! My one wish for the school year was FINALLY granted on Wednesday, with our very first TWO HOUR DELAY! YAHOO! It was pure bliss:) I got up, sat expectantly on the edge of the bed watching the delays scroll across the top of the screen, and before long, those sweet, sweet words came flashing on. "PALMYRA AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT, TWO HOUR DELAY, MODIFIED KINDERGARTEN." So I cuddled back up under my warm cozy blankets, and vegged out for a couple hours. Got to catch up on my "Saved by the Bell", and actually gave myself time to eat breakfast. The joy rushed right back into my career:) Which brings me to my next point...

I think I've been a bit cynical and bitter lately. First semester gave me nothing but worries and stress, but this new semester has awakened me to WHY I started teaching in the first place. I like it! Two hour delays! Random fire drills that get me out of class for 30 min. at a time (break was nice, 12 degree temperature was rough)! Assemblies and Pep Rallies! Someone else paying for my grad school, which I love! SUMMER VACATION! There really is so much that I enjoy about my job, and the teaching isn't half bad either! I've actually got some kids who are nice and who do work and who follow directions this semester! And also, I haven't been cursed at, spit at, or had anyone expose themselves yet this semester!! Yes, truly, things are looking up:)

Friday, February 2, 2007


I don't think that I ask for much. A two hour delay, early dismissal, school explosion... BUT NO. Mother nature just can't cooperate. And so it's FEBRUARY and the state of PENNSYLVANIA has seen no significant snow fall yet. I am a bitter person at this moment. It is FRIDAY AFTERNOON, and the HUGE SNOW STORM that was supposed to hit the mid-state THURSDAY afternoon/evening is JUST NOW showing up. I've gotta say, I'm getting sick of hearing the forecasts calling for snow, with accumulation of 7-a billion inches overnight, only to read in the very fine print that the actual CHANCE of snow is only 12%. WHAT IS THE POINT OF FORECASTING THE WEATHER IF YOU CAN'T PREDICT WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN WITH MORE THAN 12% ACCURACY!! Needless to say, there've been no delays, no early dismissals, and no explosions. This year just keeps getting worse and worse! I think I might move to the Arctic.