Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where's Izzy?

Izzy is a slobber monkey. So, we change her sheets a lot. And I didn't keep up with her laundry this week, so I used a sheet from Emma's set, which has little safari animals on it. And then I put Izzy in her Minnie Mouse pj's tonight, and... well... this is what she looks like on the video monitor. I had a mild heartattack at first, because I glanced at the monitor and could not find her. NOTE TO SELF: DON'T BORROW EMMA'S SHEETS AGAIN.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, or also, too, why my life is awesome...

(I don't know why Mike took this picture, but I find it really, REALLY funny)

Nana reading to Emma (instead of watching the Superbowl. That's love.)

You're never too young for horsey rides

She really wants to eat that elephants face

Some days, Emma just feels like regressing

my girls are just cute

She knows she's cute

And the proof is written all over her face!