Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alyssa, Just remember...

Note to Self:

Being a mom is way harder than you thought it was going to be. Even with just two kids, there are A LOT of days when you darn near pull your hair out. Emma's quite good at being two, and her dare-devil, defiant independence is the best and worst thing about her. And Izzy is just a sweet little ball of butter who has the misfortune of just about every day being a very bad-no good-down-and-out sort of day, in some way or another. It's not her fault that she's got tummy problems, or that she's having a hard time with teething, or that she's picked up bugs and colds here and there. Wouldn't you cry a lot if every day you felt like crap?

But Alyssa, just remember, that even on a night like tonight, there are sweet moments to savor.

Savor those moments when Emma, who can rarely sit still, wants nothing more than to sit next to you and read book after book after book after book.

Savor those moments during middle of the night potty trips, when she wraps her arms around your neck, and whispers "I love you Zurg." (Because she, of course, is Buzz Lightyear...)

Savor those moments at the park when she wants to hold your hand, as you go down the side-by-side slides together.

Savor those moments when your girls are in the swings next to each other, both of them giggling as you push them along.

Savor those moments when Izzy pulls herself up on your shoulder, and gives you big sloppy kisses.

Savor those moments when she laughs with delight Every. Single. Time. that you pop out from behind the blanket and say "peekaboo!"

Savor those moments when, in the midst of her screaming, she stops and nuzzles into that perfect spot on your neck, and you can feel the soft rhythm of her breathing and she drifts away into sleep.

Savor those moments when you know the only thing that can soothe her is you.

Savor those moments...

All those years you spent wishing to be a mother. You weren't dreaming of the poopy diapers, and the crying, and the boogers, and the tantrums, and the teething, and the shots, and sleepless nights. You were dreaming about all the moments to savor. And they are here. They are happening. Remember them. Love them. And let them get you through these long, long nights. You have so, so much to be grateful for.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Things I like:

*When playing with her cars, instead of saying vroom, Emma says "Verm Verm!"

*My ENT finally solved the mystery of my ears. It's an antiobiotic-resistant super bug. And now I've got the right drugs to treat it. Hooah.

*Tonight my mother-in-law was holding Izzy and asked her where her mommy was. She smiled really big, then pointed to me!

*Our sump pump is holding out, and keeping our basement dry. I really, really like this.

*We live pretty much right in between the Swatty in Hershey (down Rt. 39 to the East) and the Susquehanna River downtown (down Rt. 39 to the West). We are so lucky in our location right now.

*My sister Chrysta moved to the DC area, and we've already seen them three times in just over a month. Heading down to see her again next week.

*While we're there, my brother Scott will be at Pax River with his plane (he's a navy pilot) and we'll get a tour!

*When Izzy makes this face, with her little baby dino spikes! And she's rash free!

*When Emma makes this face. It's her "I'm a star" face.

*When my little girls cuddle up to Franklin, our new five foot teddy bear, that daddy brought home.

*I think we've found the true secret to Izzy's hair-do.