Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hey we bought a new car, it's called a bandwagon

Well, I'm giving in and creating a blog for Mike and I. I originally decided not to, since Mike is the tech guy, but after spending a lot of quality time reading (and thoroughly enjoying) the blogs of my siblings, I realized that this was actually a good way to keep you all up to date on our daily adventures. Sadly, I know more about my siblings goings on nowadays than I did before, so obviously blogging is working. So yeah, I've bought a bandwagon and I'm driving it across the world wide web! Woohoo! Here are some recent pictures of Mike and I working on the house, because that's what we spend our free time doing these days. The pictures show the kitchen pretty much in chaos, but it's all fixed up now. I will take more pictures and post later. Or, you could all just come over and see it yourself!