Saturday, July 30, 2011


You are about to be bombarded. With pictures and videos. Of cuteness. Of Cuteness SO CUTE, that your ovaries will explode. If you do not possess ovaries, these pictures and videos will cause your body to spontaneously generate them, and THEN they will explode. You're Welcome.

Playing Peekaboo

Seriously, Izzy LOVES peekaboo

Her blankie was in the wash...

It's normal for kids to dress up like a lady bug on a typical saturday afternoon, Right?

Izzy loves a nice tubby

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

Lately, we've been watching Beauty and the Beast a lot. And there are a few things I need to say.

First, in the beginning sequence the narrator tells us that there was this Prince who had everything he wanted, and he was spoiled and all that. He couldn't see the beauty in the haggard old lady, so she cursed him and gave him a rose that would wither away over time. If he didn't learn to love before the last petal fell, on his 21st birthday, he'd be a beast forever.

Later, in the song Be Our Guest, it makes reference to the fact that they've been in this enchanted state for 10 years.

Now, using my powers of deductive reasoning, my skill in extrapolation, my interest in inference, this tells me that when the prince was turned into a beast, he was 10 years old.

REALLY??? 10??? What ten year old isn't at least a little bit spoiled? And a prince, at that. A 10 year old prince will be spoiled. Do you know many ten year olds who, when approached by a strange, hunchbacked, hideous old woman, wouldn't at least give her a weird look?? I mean come on, those are pretty high expectations for a ten year old.

Also. He was ten. Where were his parents?? Even if you were far off traveling, don't you think you'd send communications every once in a while to check on your pre-teen son? Maybe they were dead or something, but wouldn't that then make the "Prince" the King instead?

ALSO. If he was a prince, how come nobody in the whole flipping country knew their prince had been turned into a beast FOR TEN YEARS??? Aren't royalty expected to make decisions, or at least public appearances? And nobody notices when the prince goes missing?? It's not like the royal staff could make appearances on his behalf, because they were turned into flippin' candlesticks, clocks, teapots and armoires... And even if the small villages didn't know about the prince, how did they all find the castle so easily, huh?

I mean, Belle's dad stumbled upon it, but then Phillipe (the horse) was able to take Belle right to the gates even though he wasn't actually there when the old man found the castle in the first place. And then, later, the angry mob was able to march straight to the castle, even though they'd never heard of the beast before, and even though Belle and her father, the only two people who supposedly knew about the castle, were locked in the cellar.

The pieces don't add up, people. They just don't add up.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Warrior Dash

Bird, Also too muddy

This was the "shower". A fire truck with hoses.

A much belated post on the warrior dash...

So. Bird and I ran a Warrior Dash! It was just over a month ago, and it was awesome. We had to drive out to the middle of nowhere, because the races generally take place in the middles of nowheres. It was a fun drive, and included Bird needing to pee, so she got out of the drivers seat and I got in, she ran back to a restaurant, and was forced to buy a gatorade to be able to use the restroom, and then she ran back to the car, which had only moved about 400 yards while she was gone. That was fun.

Also, the parking lot was a mud pit, and it was questionable if my little Civic was going to make it out alive. But it did. As did Bird and I.

Ok, so the race. It was awesome. Started out with roaring flames carrying us into the wooded path where the race took place. We had to crawl through a dark maze, climb over 5' walls, crawl under barbed wire, run through knee deep mud, cut through a lake, more mud, climb over a 20' wall, climb over a 15' cargo net, run over 5 or 6 junkyard cars, run through tires, crawl through tunnels, jump over flames, and crawl under another 20 yards of barbed wire, in the mud, to get to the finish line.

You know, easy peasy.

It was really intense. After just the first few obstacles, I kind of thought I was toast, and was questioning whether or not I'd even be able to finish. But that's always my problem with running. Once I get past the three mile mark, I can run and run forever, I just hit my stride, catch my breath, and my legs just go on autopilot. So, when I'm running a race that's only 3.5 miles, and adds in the obstacles... well let's just say I never really felt like I hit my stride. The mud is really what held me back. Trail running isn't my forte, and it had rained heavily the whole week prior to the race, so even the parts that weren't "mud pits" were pretty much covered in a thick layer of slime that made it difficult to get my footing.

But anyway, long story short, it was hard. But MAN OH MAN was it fun! I really enjoy pushing myself, and this was great. I had a goal of finishing in under an hour, but I had no idea if that was realistic in terms of the course, or just how much the obstacles would slow me down. In the end, I finished in 48 minutes and some odd seconds. But what I'm most proud of is that I finished 76th out of almost 800 women in my age group. Booyah:)