Saturday, September 29, 2007

waka waka waka

Happy Birthday to me
I live in a tree
I like to eat cheese
But I ain't no sleeeeeeeze
And many moooooooooore.
The end.

Yes yes, I had a wonderful birthday celebration yesterday, and frankly, so did Mike. Seeing as we're only 4 days apart, we do joint bday celebration, so we went to our favorite restaurant, Cantone's. I got the Lobster Ravioli, and Mike got the Linguini with white clam sauce. It never disappoints. Mike got me the apple corer/peeler/slicer thingy that I have been wanting FOREVER, and it's so cool that I am feeling the need to go buy an apple right this second just to try it out. For his birthday, Mike got his first very own set of scriptures (the extra extra large size - he's a big guy). I also picked him up a new PSU hat and t-shirt. I had also gotten a gift card from my secret sister at work, so I picked up a nifty Puma backpack. I love bags.

Anyway, today the festivities continue! We're heading out with the in-laws to either Lancaster or Lebanon (Mike can never remember which) to go cedar-chest hunting! Woooo! So that will be their present to us, if we can find one we like. I gotta admit, I'm rather looking forward to it! I think it would look very cute in our guest room, that will eventually (fingers crossed) be a baby room! Then, after shopping we're doing lunch. Then later tonight, we're having dinner with Mike's parents and Ma and Pa K (as they signed our birthday cards) at Houlihans, the new restaurant in Hershey. Sooooo it should be a delightful day of fun and adventure!

Then tomorrow, I do believe Jean will be spending the morning with us at church and coming over for lunch time celebrations. So it'll be a good weekend! I think we've also decided to skip mutual on Tuesday night, and just spend the evening at home for Mike's birthday. Then, next weekend we are going up for the PSU vs. Iowa football game, followed by the PSU vs. Minnesota volleyball game. I mean seriously, could it get any better?? This is why I love the fall:) However, the following weekend won't be AS great, seeing as how Mike will be attending the PSU vs. Wisconsin football game with his dad, which means that, *gulp*, I didn't have any excuses to get out of chaperoning the Homecoming Dance. I'm afraid. Very afraid. Especially after my prom chaperoning experience. Egads.

Soooo many thanks to all those who sent cards (and yes K, I AM the rhyming queen, aren't I?? Hahaha that made me laugh!!) and other well wishes. We love you and miss you all!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

I was tagged, I'm procrastinating, and therefore I'm doing this.

A- Attached or single: attached
B- Best Friend: Mike, Jean
C- Cake or Pie: Cake. Unless it's the amazing apple/pear pie I just learned how to make.
D- Day of choice: Friday. The beginning of my glorious weekend!
E- Essential Item: Flip flops. I hate shoes.
F- Favorite Color: blue or perhaps green.
G- Gummi Bears or Worms: Neither. I hate all gummy creations.
H- Hometown: Lebtown and BrockVegas
I- Indulgence(s): Wild Cherry Pepsi. 3B's Ice Cream. Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
J- January or July: July. No school. Duh.
K- Kids: Am dying to have them.
L: Life is Incomplete Without: Oxygen? Ohhhh yeah Mike.
M- Marriage Date: Dec. 17 2005
N- Number of Siblings: 7 siblings and 7 sibs-in-law
O- Oranges or Apples: I hate peeling oranges, so I'm gonna go with Apples.
P- Phobias or Fears: Heights that are high enough that I could fall, but survive in some horribly disfigured or incapacitated form. And also being eaten by a shark.
Q- Quote(s):"Any day above ground is a good day". -Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano, mob boss who ratted out his "colleagues".
R- Reason To Smile: When Mike does his little booty shake dance. It's HILARIOUS!
S- Season: Summer. For obvious reasons dealing with work, and not actually having to do any.
T- Tag Three +: Larry Curly Moe
U- Unknown Fact About Me: Due to injuries sustained whilst throwing a javelin, I spend a lot of time not being able to feel my right arm from the elbow down. It's wierd, I must admit.
V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: Wow. THe person who wrote this survey seems completely unbiased in any way. I'm not an animal oppressor. I just eat meat.
W- Worst Habit: having to flip through the channels and find something good to watch before I can fall asleep. If it doesn't interest me, my mind gets going about a million miles an hour and I worry myself all through the night and can't sleep. So I have to find something good that will occupy me, but not so much that I won't be able to let myself fall asleep. I'd NEVER sleep if it weren't for TV and it drives me crazy!
X- X-Rays or Ultrasounds: Well I've only ever had an X-Ray.
Y- Your Favorite Food: Lobster Ravioli from Cantone's.
Z- Zodiac: Libra


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back in the Flow

Well, school started and I'm back in the flow already. It's wierd, but I really do feel back in the swing of things already. For some reason I was thinking it would take me a lot longer to get back in the groove, but today went off without a hitch. Well... for the most part, but I'll talk more about that later. What's REALLY great is that from the first impressions of today, I think I have a really good group of kids, which is a relief. I was really worried about having problems, especially now that I'm in my new, itsy bitsy classroom. I have a full 30 in my first period class, so I was just feeling more and more nervous as the clock got closer and closer to 7:45. But, like I said, the kids were good, they were nice, and easy to amuse. So I have high hopes for my semester!!

On the down side, I still don't have a KEY to my classroom, which means that I have to leave my room unlocked all the time! This is an obvious negative side effect of the construction project, that I don't really have any control over. With the new system, all classrooms have the same key, but they didn't order enough of them. Go figure. So, I just have to keep all confidential files and my laptop shoved into my desk drawer, which I DO have a key for.

So today went pretty well, except for my bathroom breaks. I guess I got used to being able to go to the bathroom whenever I needed to, so my bladder had quite the shock when I had a three hour block in which I COULDN'T go. That was tough. I thought I might start doing the potty dance at any moment, but luckily I was able to keep it at bay until my classes were over. I promptly ran to the nearest rest room, which was FULL of chatty girls. Soooo I ran over to the other bathroom, which was ALSO full of chatty girls. By the time I ran back over to the first bathroom it had emptied out a little and there was (thankfully) an open stall. I'm pretty sure I looked pretty absurd running back and forth down the hall. I just hope the administration doesn't have a need to check the security cameras in that hall!

Unfortunately I am notorious for class-room slip ups and bloopers. Who can forget my first year when I hinted to my class during a review that Neanderthals had a body part that was REALLY BIG (I was referring to the brow ridge, but that was of course lost on the kids...) , or when I had to call home and explain to a parent why their son had recieved detention (it was, of course, because I caught him "pretend making out" with a paper bag puppet he'd made and drawn boobs on... yeah... try explaining that one) or when I tripped on a students book bag, went flying into the middle of the room, lost a shoe and gave myself a bloody lip... Ah yes, the joys of teaching. Well today was no different. By 6th period my voice was dry and cracking from talking all day, which I'm just not used to. I was going through the syllabus and explaining procedures for signing out, when I meant to say

"You'll notice the sign out sheet in the back of the classroom..."

but what came out was

"You'll notice the sign out sheet in the back of the (cough/gulp) assroom"

Somehow the "CL" just didn't come out and I had about 25 bewildered students staring at me wondering if they should laugh or not. The timing couldn't have been worse because I'd just gotten finished with a really long lecture about how inappropriate language is called "inappropriate language" for a reason, and that I wouldn't tolerate it in class. So I made some lame joke about keeping myself after school for detention and we had a good laugh.

Soooo it was a good first day, overall!! Hopefully the rest of the semester is this easy!! I'll post some pics of my new classroom soon, once I get some pictures!!