Sunday, May 31, 2009

Decapitation, Domestic Disturbances, and a Marathon

So. Some stories to share.

#1. My friend Dani and I were talking the other night on our way home from volleyball, about traumatic bunny murders. We both had encountered instances of bunny murder by lawn mower, and I was commenting on the new family of bunnies in our front yard that I hoped would keep away from the mower this year. Well, they have so far. Unfortunately, one particular bunny did not escape the neighbors dog. It. Was. Horrific.

Yeah, Emma witnessed her first murder. Mike was gone every evening this past week for track, so it was just me and Emma. To pass the time I would take her out and walk laps around the house, and just enjoy the scenery with her. And that's when it happened. We saw the cute little bunny in the side yard, and it was just nibbling on some grass. And then the neighbor opened his door to let the dog out. The bunny was able to hide for only so long before the dog spotted in, and the race was on. Needless to say, the bunny lost. The dog just grab it by the head, bit down, and the bunny body went flying. Head, unattached. I yelped a little but I didn't want to upset Emma, so I quickly went around the other side of the house, but not before the dog grabbed the bunny body and threw it around some. It was awful. Absolutely awful. After I put Emma to bed, I cried.

#2. So, as if this week wasn't bad enough. Emma has been dealing with constipation, two teeth coming in, and thrush. So she has not been sleeping well on top of (and probably because) all of that. Yesterday was FINALLY a good day, where she was in a very good mood, and we had high hopes that she'd sleep through the night. And she was doing REALLY WELL until about 1:45 am. That's when some disturbance broke out around the corner. I heard Emma screaming first. But as soon as I went out into the living room, I knew what had woken her. There were about 15 people out in front of this house, dropping f-bombs and death threats left and right. Nice, eh? Well, they were loud. So very loud. After a few minutes I contemplated calling the police, but about a minute or so later, most of the people got into some cars and drove away, while the rest of the people went back inside the house. So, I left it alone. We tried to let Emma cry it out and get herself back to sleep, but with her schedule being so off lately, she just couldn't do it. She ended up being awake for almost an hour and a half before she finally made it back to sleep. Poor little thing! That also meant that I was up for almost 3 hours, because guess what, the people who drove away from the domestic disturbance CAME BACK!! Woo! Yeah, thankfully they didn't wake Emma this time, but I definitely couldn't get to sleep. Luckily, the cops showed up just minutes after the disturbance started, but then the lights were flashing and the sirens would blare every now and then, and there was just a lot of yelling. Talk about annoying. And in case you're wondering, NO, I don't live in the ghetto, or even a "bad" neighborhood. This is TOTALLY out of the ordinary, and I think there was a lot of alcohol involved.

#3. So. I'm running a marathon in October. My friend Darin (who ran the 5k with me) talked me into it. But she didn't really have to twist my arm. It's something I've wanted to do, and now that she found one, and is sending me a training schedule, and will train with me, I've decided to finally do it! I don't know how fast I'll be able to go, but I figure for this first one at least, I'll just set my goal to FINISH it, and then in the future I'll set my sights on a specific time. I have no idea WHEN in October it is, or WHERE, but I'll be running in it:)

And that's that, folks!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Looooooong weekend

So, we had a very eventful weekend! Before I give the rundown of our events, I would like to say Thank You to all members (past and present) of the armed forces, who have and do serve this country. Especially, Jerry, Scott and Karl.

Friday: Mike had the day off, in anticipation of being at the state Track and Field Championships. Because his guy only competed on Saturday, we had the day to spend at home. So. We started out the morning renting a belt sander. Mike and his dad spent the day stripping down the deck, prepping it for a new stain and seal. It's been in need of a new stain since we moved in, but was pretty low on our list of priorities. Our VERY LONG list of priorities, as pertains to the fixing up of the house. Anyway, while Mike and his dad worked away on that, I spent the day weeding the flower beds, cutting down trees, trimming overgrown bushes, etc. Emma spent the day inside doing dishes and laundry.

JUST KIDDING! She spent the day playing with G-ma Sage! They had some good times playing!

Saturday: State Track Meet. We got up early in the morning, and headed to Shippensburg for the meet. Mike only had one athlete make it to states this year. It was his Jav guy, Justin. Justin Shirk. The nations #1 high school javelin thrower. Who has the second best throw in the nation for high schoolers, ever. Yeah. He won states. For the third year in a row. That has never happened before in Pennsylvania. So, we are very proud of him. He didn't have a great meet. He was really hoping to break the state record, and he could have done it on a good day. It just wasn't a good day for him. He was slipping on the runway, and I think his nerves just got the best of him. But, he's got as many as 7 more meets this summer, and is aiming to set the new national high school record, by throwing 242 feet. His PR so far is 235'3. So, Good Luck, Justin!
Justin is a softy for babies and kittens. Who knew?
Emma in her "Little Person, Big Fan" shirt. In the middle is a picture of Justin!

Sunday: Church. Got a new calling. I'm no longer with the Activity Day Girls. I am now the Secretary in Primary. I'm a wee bit nervous, but I think it should be ok. Then, the rest of the day we hung out, and Emma got another tooth.

Monday: Monday was SUPPOSED to be "staining the deck" day. However, the forecast was calling for storms all week, so we decided to put that off until there was some good weather in the forecast. SO. Mike and his dad worked on the lawn. And I spent the day digging out more of the flower beds, and putting in edging. I also dug out some rocks, and relocated a lot of brick and round pavers that the previous owners had inexplicably scattered all over the yard and flowerbeds. Ack.

So, our landscaping efforts are getting closer to done. The edging is all in, so now we just have to lay down weed tarp, and then put in the stone (instead of mulch). Then I'll plant some flowers and blah blah blah. We are going to get a hand rail installed in the new stairs, and have solar lights to install on the side of the stairs, opposite the new railing. We will also obviously have to stain the deck soon, and then reinstall the canopy. So that's where we are with that!

Lastly, an update from today...Emma's THIRD tooth has poked its' way through! She's growing up WAY too fast!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


The Most Cutest Ever

Lounging with Daddy
A funny hat!

She'll run you over to get what she wants!

Ohhhh I'm so big, I can hold my own bottle!
I leave a path of destruction in my wake!

Mmmmmm I like me some nanners!


Oh Giggles!! (can you see my tooth??)
Hanging out under the couch
EVERYTHING is a chew toy!

Her first trip to Chocolate World. "The Ride" really tripped me out!

I can sit up on my own!
Mmmmm kisses

Getting sleepy
Aunt Bird helping me play!
Oh, Hello!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

No more creepers

Ok, I'm writing a new post so ya'll who check blogs obsessively will stop having to be creeped out by my last post every time you check it.


The other day my dad came over for Emma Day so I could go to the gym. On this particular day, I needed to get some more baby Tylenol, so I stopped at the target that's just a minute or so away from my gym. As I was leaving, I saw a white Suzuki Grand Vitara, and knew right away that it was my BFF's mom, Barb (aka Mom #2, or also too aka wife of Ghetto Bob). So I turn my car on, and she does a loop around the lot and drives right up behind me. I lay on the horn, stick my head out the window and start yelling at her...and the lame-o totally kept driving. So, I pulled out and followed her through the parking lot, and stopped right behind her car once she parked. And then she stepped out of the car, clutching her hand bag to her chest, with a look of fear on her face. Because...

It wasn't Barb. It was, in fact, a woman who could PROBABLY steal Barb's identity, as she had the same hair, glasses, body type, and drives a white Suzuki Grand Vitara.


Barb's Twin, as I mentioned, was clutching her purse to her chest with a look of horror on her face. Realizing my gaff, I rolled down my window and started shouting apologies. I don't think she understood the words I was saying at first, because her eyes were just huge, and she was trying to back away. I'm pretty sure she thought I was going to hit her. With my car.

All I could do was stammer out some pretty pathetic apologies.

I'm sorry...
My best friends mom...
your car...
you really look like...
Thought you were someone else...
I'm sorry...

She finally realized I wasn't a psycho (still up for debate) and let her purse down, and just started exhaling really heavy, like I had scared her so bad she lost her breath. So I felt pretty horrible, but once she finally came around she kinda laughed it off, accepted my apology and went her way.

And I felt like a total stalker.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Ok. So maybe I am late to the game about all these new rumors. Have you all heard about Jon and Kate? You know... plus 8?

I love them. I love the show, I love the kids, I just love it. And apparently there are rumors going around that they are in trouble...

And I am devastated. This may sound really corny, but from watching the show I always got the impression that Jon and Kate would stay together forever. They, to me, seemed to have a sincere love for each other and their kids. I have heard people complain about Kate being a nag, and being controlling, and blah blah blah. I totally get that there's some truth to that, but when I watch the show, I also realize that IF I were the one taking care of 8 children that young, I'd be wound pretty tight, too. She has to cook, clean, do laundry and just keep up with those 8 youngsters in general. That doesn't seem like an easy task. So if YOU had to raise 8 kids, wouldn't YOU sometimes be on edge? Wouldn't YOU sometimes have to nag your husband to help out, or get on board with you? Wouldn't YOU be cranky and crotchety at times? For goodness sakes, I WOULD! And for the record, I think she does a pretty amazing job at keeping that family organized and taken care of. So I think it's kind of ridiculous for people to be making excuses for Jon's recent *scandalous* behavior. And frankly, I hope it's all a lie. I really, really, really hope that this is all gossipy hype, and that Jon and Kate will make it through. Sigh...

I must also say that I am VERY disappointed that, according to the tabloids at least, Jon has been cavorting with the JUNIATA WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL TEAM! Shame on you, girls! I happen to personally know SEVERAL of the girls on the team, and I am so disappointed in them, if it's true. I will be shooting off a few emails once I'm done with this post.

Oh sad. So sad. Who's next, the Duggars? I can't imagine how Jim Bob would come up with that huge alimoney/child support check...