Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm having problems

Ok, for whatever reason I just wrote a blog, and the slide show came up, but the text didn't. Grr. Anyway, I'm tired. So the house is the house and it's coming along and the pictures are up because Anna was blograssing me. Also, Anna remember to tell Chase to sleep with one eye open next time you feel like taking a blog hiatus, because payback is coming! Mwuah ha ha! Also, it's funny that you "sang" the Law & Order song to me, because that is THE show of reference in my night class. That and Seinfeld. Oh, and I'm writing my final paper on Saved By The Bell. Also, I should mention that in my night class we talk about tv, and watch tv. And then we write about tv, and sometimes our homework is to watch more tv. Awesome. Of course I've already typed all of this, but you didn't read it because I couldn't figure my own blog out, and so now I'm typing it again except for this time I'm really annoyed and just firing away so it's probably not making as much sense as it did the first time I typed it. I'm gonna go to bed now.

I'm scared

Sunday, May 13, 2007


I am officially announcing that our siding project on the house will begin on Wednesday or Thursday of this week! Hooray!! So, I've taken a few "before" pictures, so we can all remember exactly what it is that we're changing! As I'm sure you can notice from the slide show below, our house is mostly pink. Lydia was even quick to mention it, when she came for a visit. It's one of those things that visitors politely comment on, such as "Oh... did you pick this color?". Or, "So... the INSIDE of your house is nice!" Hahaha... but seriously, we know the outside certainly does not match the inside, so we're extremely happy that the outside will soon match! Since the project is about to get started, we picked up our front door, screen door, outdoor lights, house numbers, and a new mailbox. If the project runs on schedule, it will be finished by Friday, May 25th!! Hooray!! It's gonna be super cute! And I will be sure to take lots of "during" and ESPECIALLY lots of "after" photos to share with you all!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

RLW, Part II

Ok, so apparently last weekend was SOOOO exhausting, that I had to take a whole week to recuperate enough to blog about it. Poor me. Anyway, so here it is, all about the 5k!

So Sunday morning arrived, and Bird was at my door bright and early to pick me up! Of course, since it was her birthday, we had to do her birthday presents right away! She enjoyed my wrapping (see pictures below) and also, she enjoyed her shirts. Especially the one that says "GANGSTER RAP" on it. She said she could wear it out with Cam, when he wears his "Mo' Money" shirt. Awesome.

Anyway, we were off! After a few miles on the Turnpike, some random driving around in Philly, random trips to a burger king bathroom, and a walk around a few blocks, we finally figured out where we needed to go for this 5k. We registered, hung out for a bit, and then Bird used her sweet, sweet massage skills to rub down my quads before we ran. As you know, they were EXTREMELY sore from the 1000's of squat thrusts I'd done the previous two days. And Bird did a marvelous job. I kid you not, she's good at what she does, and I am confident she will make mucho dinero once she's done with school. So, now that we were all limbered up, we were set for the 5k!

And off we ran! Margaret Kilgore (no relation, but she was Bird's friend in high school, and I was friends with her older sister) sounded the horn for the race to start! For those who don't know, she attended Philadelphia University when she was struck by a car while riding her bike across campus. She was left in a coma for about 3 weeks, but came out of it, and is currently on the road to recovery (see pics below). The 5k was to benefit the family to help pay for costs of medical care.

At any rate, we were off! Bird and I set out at a steady pace and kept up with the pack for the most part. It was fun running together! We just took it nice and easy, and enjoyed the beautiful weather! The 5k was split into two loops, and unfortunately, a whole bunch of people just stopped after the first loop! So they probably only ran about 3k. But Bird and I ran the whole thing! What can I say, we're devoted. After the 5k they pulled names for the raffles, and then presented the Kilgore Family with a check for over $12,000! We were all shocked and amazed by the generosity of those who participated. There couldn't have been more than 100 people there, and registration was only $15, so you know there were some generous givers. It was awesome!

Once we were done with the 5k, we headed home to Bird's birthday dinner and icecream cake. Hooray!! So, it was a super fun day!!

But of course, since I knew I'd be super exhausted from my weekend, I had already planned to take a personal day off from school on Monday. Good call on that one! So Monday was a great day, too! I actually got up pretty early, because my best friend Jean's mom had been rushed to the hospital the night before with chest pains. I found out early Monday morning that it was a heart attack, so I was up worrying about Jean and Mama C. All is well, though, I'm happy to report.

Anyway, Monday was a productive day. Dishes, laundry, vaccuming, working out, and then reading on the deck before night class. All around it was a nice day! And then Tuesday came. And my students were sucky. Boooo. There are 19.5 school days left this year, and they cannot be over soon enough. Now that the weather is nice, it seems like there is a mandatory order that students be jerks. Not cool. Not at all. But aside from that, life is peachy!

Sorry for another long, rambling blog. It's just how I roll. Sage - Out.

PS - Mike thought of another slogan idea for our family reunion t-shirts. I smacked him when he told me.

"Kilgore: It's no Sage, but it's still a good thing."