Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Emma and Izzy. They are living proof that everything is better with a sister.

For instance, sitting around wearing boots is much funnier with a sister.
And it's more effective when there are TWO of you to attack Grandma.
Even going to the bathroom is a delight when you've got your sister (and froggy and perry the Platypus).
It sure is nice to relax in a pile of pillows. But having a sister/ottoman? Now THAT is relaxation. (Pants are also optional)
I think they're texting each other. And I'm pretty sure this is a vision of our future.
When your little sister falls asleep in the car, and by some miracle DOES NOT wake up upon extraction, and mom lays her down on the floor thinking she'll immediately wake up, but again by another miracle, she is still sleeping... well then that's a good time to have a nice fake nap with her! And then 30 seconds later it's totally cool to starting making loud dinosaur noises, and your awesome little sister will wake up smiling, saving you from what was sure to be a very long time out.
And, heaven help mom if she disappears to the bathroom by herself for five minutes. Because sisters are the best at emptying the contents of the pantry all over the living room, kitchen and dining room.
Go ahead and tell me this isn't the cutest thing ever. And then I will PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE.
Lighting isn't good, but do you see the pig tails??
So, to sum up, these sisters are awesome. I spend many days trying not to rip my hair out, but there are also many many many days that I'm just rolling on the floor laughing my butt off. By 40 I fully expect to be bald and buttless.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And, we're back!

Sort of? Maybe? I hate blogging again after such a long break. I feel like I can't just jump into a post, I have to do an update on months worth of activities and goings on. And it's daunting to try and remember it all. Here we go...

Since my last post, my neck has healed and I've got a nice scar, that should fade away to just a small line in another six months or so. I'm feeling much better health wise, and have recently made big changes to my diet, and have started exercising regularly again. I've also got a job at LA Fitness, working front desk and kids club. The perk (in addition to the paycheck) is a free membership to the gym, free access to the kids club, and there's a trainer there who firmly believes that all gym staff should be working out. So he's training me for FREE. Just started working with him last week, and I'm hoping that his knowledge will help me focus my workouts on weight loss. So I'm pretty jazzed right now.

Also, Izzy turned 1, then Emma turned 3. Both festivities were a blast and the girls enjoyed the spoils of the day. Then we had Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, and then New Years and Valentines. So much family, so much fun. All winter we've had mild weather, and in the last two weeks we've had temps near record highs. Which has been AMAZING! My little Izz-bot has had a rough go of teething for the last several months, which caused her to be clingy and miserable. Unfortunately this meant that Emma had to deal with it, too, and often got frustrated and upset with how much time I had to spend holding/calming Izzy down. The cabin fever just added to the misery. But now...this weather has us all shouting hallelujah's! It is glorious to be outside every waking moment. The perfect temps, not too cold, not too hot. Just playing all day. Park hopping all week. The zoo, chocolate world (inside, but still...) picnics, ice cream... perfect, perfect, perfect.

So, let's call that an update, and see if I can keep up this time. Oh, and to my blogrollers, I've been reading, so keep on writing!!