Thursday, February 19, 2009

My 100

Go to the bathroom, get a drink and a snack, and prepare yourselves for a lengthy stay. It's time for my 100th post! When Sara did her 100th, she listed 100 things about herself, and challenged others to do the same. Well, I finally got to 100, so here we go. I'm sure most of you have heard and/or read about many of these before, so bare with me!!

100. I know all the words to, and can sing, all the songs from all the FREECREDITREPORT.COM commercials. And I hate it... ('they say a man should always dress for the job he wants, so why am I dressed up like a pirate in this restaurant? It's all because some hacker stole my identity, now I'm stuck here every evening serving chowder and iced tea. Shoulda gone to freeeeeeeeee credit, I woulda seen this coming at me like an atom bomb...)

99. My favorite beverage in the universe is Wild Cherry Pepsi. Yum.

98. I was the first vball player at Shippensburg to record over 1000 kills and 1000 digs. I had 1300+ kills and 1200+ digs.

97. I finished 10th at the NCAA Division II Championships in the Javelin in 2005.

96. I have 15 nieces and nephews, and I love being an aunt to Hudson, Cannon, Keaton, Taylor, Lydia, Gaby, Owen, Tyler, Drew, Carissa, Zach, Ty, Cameron, Miles and Sophia.

95. The first car I really drove with a Toyota Corolla. I called it Yota. And I had a little toy Yoda that had a place of honor in that car. It was a Toy Yoda for my Toyota. Yoda for my Yota.

94. Deb has turned me into a butt paste lover.

93. When I listen to music, I often think about putting them to the soundtrack of my life. I'm currently listening to "Eskimo Friend" and trying to figure out how to work that one in there...hmmm.

92. I made a game called Total World Domination when I was teaching at Palmyra. One of my former students sent me a message on facebook telling me he had a dream about it, and that he totally dominated the world! That made my day:)

91. I really like to eat Toaster Streudel. My butt and thighs do not appreciate this.

90. For many years, and especially in high school, I had really bad insomnia. I still have nights where I am just AWAKE because I cannot turn off the paranoia in my brain, and I just lay and think about all the horrible things that could happen to Mike or Emma.

89. I have a completely irrational fear of sharks. Because of this, we didn't Scuba Dive when we were in Hawai'i. I sort of regret that now. Sea Turtles are cool.

88. When we lived in Canada, Bird, our neighbor Matt and I would have our own mini-Olympics. And we played a lot of street hockey. It was awesome!

87. I hate going to the dentist (no offense to any dentists out there...or SPOUSES of dentists!!). I didn't hate it until a year or two ago when I went in with a hole in my tooth, where a large chunk of a filling had fallen out. And my dentist said, "Meh, that's fine the way it is." Um, clearly, it is NOT fine. Now I just floss multiple times a day to clean out my tooth whole. What the crap?

86. I hardly ever get my hair cut, because I hate my hair and usually just throw it back in a pony tail or bun. When I do get it cut, it's at Holiday Hair or something of the sort. It is currently ridiculously uneven as a result.

85. As a child, my favorite stuffed animal was Oswald, the blue monkey with colorful numbers all over it. He had weighted hands and feet, so I would drape him over my shoulders. Chrysta gave him to me when I was 8. I still have him, and plan to let Emma have him! least BORROW him:)

84. My first memory is of our house in Fresno, CA. I distinctly remember my brothers joking about throwing me into the pool. But Chrysta came to my aid, and then I curled up on a chair with her. I can still close my eyes and feel the heat of the sun. It's weird, because I remember NOTHING else about California.

83. I was born in Terre Haute, Indiana.

82. I like to play my guitar for my nieces and nephews. We make up songs, Phoebe-style.

81. My fave high school memories are of spending my weekends with Jean, Bri, Brad and Steve. Also...Girls Camp! We once had a contest to see who could fit the most mini marshmallows in their mouth. It turned into a marshmallow spitting melee because we couldn't stop laughing!

80. My BFF Jean and I used to go to Walmart and speak with fake accents. "Vat is Das? Dey do not have zis in Deutschland!" Yeah, we weren't very good at it, but it was funny!

79. I LOOOOVE Giraffes. When we were in Abilene, TX for the NCAA Championships, we went to the local zoo one night. It was $3 admission, and most of the animals were elderly rejects from other zoos, and were mostly kept behind 2 or 3 chain link fences. There was a little walking bridge right over top of where the Giraffes were kept, and I got to feed a Giraffe. He took a cracker right off my hand with his tongue! It was awesome!!

78. Bird is the easiest baby sitter to please. So far we have compensated her with: Capn Crunchberries, Tiramisu, Sushi, and Cheesecake Brownie a la mode.

77. When we were younger, Bird used to beat me up pretty good. I would just never fight back, because I knew if I did she would go crying to mom and I'd get in trouble. I will describe my pay back in a later #.

76. I am totally non-confrontational, and sometimes I really hate that about myself. I let people abuse me, and there are times when I just get in the shower and have imaginary conversations where I vent everything I'd really like to say. Sometimes I wish I had the guts to actually say those things, and other times I'm REALLY GLAD that I don't. It's a blessing and a curse, I think.

75. I am obsessed with back packs. Not purses or handbags like normal women...but backpacks. I just like 'em. I like 'em a lot!

74. I don't feel right if my bed is not made. I must have hospital corners!!

73. I can be somewhat obsessive about cleaning my house. For example, it really bothers me that I haven't mopped in a while. I hate when people walk through my house with their shoes on. I feel completely and totally satisfied after I scrub my bathtub. I love the smell my vacuum makes. Oh yeah.

72. I was an Anthropology Minor in college. I kick myself because I was offered a position doing field work in the Orkney Islands (sp?? I forget...) off the coast of Scotland, but didn't take it. I would have had to sacrifice being on both the volleyball and track teams, and I just couldn't give the sports up.

71. I graduated college with highest honors. I was also in a Sorority. But it's ok, because it was the sports Sorority. Not a real one:)

70. There are several of my former PHS students that I still keep in touch with. That makes me feel like I was able to do something good while I was there.

69. I really worry about teens in this day and age. During my 4 months student teaching I had 2 students commit suicide, and since I was at Palmyra, 2 kids there committed suicide. It just scares me.

68. I also worry about my house burning down, or getting robbed. Over the summer, Mike and I were awakened at about 3 am to a big huge crashing sound. We immediately thought it was a robber. Mike grabbed a baseball bat and started yelling and making threats to scare the burglar away. We didn't hear anything else, so we started peaking at different places in the house. That's when we discovered it wasn't a burglar, but that our shower caddy had fallen off the shower head and crashed in the tub.

67. I really enjoy hanging out with Bird, despite the fact that she used to beat me up and put me in choke holds.

66. I love to cook with my crockpot. We've got Ham and Potatoes going in there right now.

65. I listen to Dashboard Confessional, but I'm not Emo.

64. I love skittles, starbursts and every form of chocolate in the universe. That is why...

63. I put on 50 lbs when I was pregnant! A disproportionate amount of that weight was put on during the last month.

62. I absolutely HATE cutting coupons, but I LOVE using them. Thank goodness Mike is a good sport about cutting them out for me!

61. I didn't know that my husbands name was Mike until a month or so after we started dating. Everyone just called him Sage, so I thought that was his first name. I asked him what his last name was, and he said Sage. I thought that Sage Sage was a really bad name. Like parents who name their kids Robby Robertson, or John St. John (anyone? anyone?).

60. I really enjoy golfing. Mike and I hit practice balls in the back yard!

59. Despite the Alpine Slide incident, our Colorado vacation was one of THE BEST trips we've ever taken!

58. I really hate to make decisions. If it only affects me, it's a lot easier. But I hate having to make decisions that affect anyone else, because I worry about pleasing everyone. And I just don't want to deal with people who are unpleased, and especially those who are unpleasant about being unpleased!

57. I love to build things. I really enjoyed my summer job at Acorn Manufacturing. Hooray for Power Tools!

56. I used to spend every Sunday afternoon watching the Little Mermaid and taking a nap.

55. I love to make up words. Like the other day, I was commenting to Bird about how Emma was chunking up quite nicely, and that she had developed some baby cankles. You know...Bankles. Also, there's a commercial about some "Bank of Opportunity". Or, as I like to call it, Bankatunity.

54. I spent two summers as an intern for Hershey's Youth Track and Field Program, and got to meet Rafer Johnson (1964 Gold Medalist in the Decathlon) who was our spokesperson. It was one of the more rewarding jobs I've had.

53. I used to be pretty fluent in French when we lived in Canada. I wish I'd kept up with it!

52. I sometimes have very weird, vivid dreams. The other night I dreamt that I had gotten up to check on Emma, and instead of Emma in her bed, it was Voldemort. The Voldemort who was living on the back of Professor Quirrels head. And Emma was just chillin on the floor next to her bed.

51. I cried when my parents cut down the big tree in front of their house. I used to love climbing that tree! But I hated sweeping the driveway...

50. When Anna, Bird and I shared a bedroom, I always let Anna have the bed nearest the window. I was always afraid that wolves and/or aliens would bust through the window, and I wanted them to attack her first (no offense, I was just thinking of myself) so I would have time to go get mom and dad.


49. I love being tan, mostly because I look really crappy when I'm pale. I don't, however, use tanning beds. So I just look really crappy a lot.

48. Some of my favorite memories are of Anna and I taking trips to Park City to go shopping:)

47. There are several songs I won't listen to anymore, because they are attached to bad memories and they make me cry.

46. I wish I had kept playing the piano. Anna and I both started at the same time, but I quit soon after. Now I listen to her play and get really, really jealous!

45. When I was in 8th grade I could play the clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet and alto sax. Then we moved to PA, and I couldn't even be in the band because of a schedule conflict.

44. I have a beautiful song in my soul. I can feel it. But I'm not good enough at singing or the guitar to get it out. One day...

43. I really love guacamole.

42. I also too really love listening to Bird sing Emma to sleep. It melts my heart.

41. I will never take being a mother for granted.

40. I love going for walks with Emma in her stroller! It makes me feel like such a mom! I'm also getting a hang of my Beco!

39. My favorite art pieces were made by my friend, Sabea.

38. I have a horrible sense of fashion. I would really just prefer to live in jeans and a sweatshirt all the time. But that's not so flattering.

37. Jean, Bri and I once made a film called, "Chi Chi of Iona". It was a spoof of the blair witch project, wherein a posessed pumpkin named Chi Chi hunted down unsuspecting campers in the middle of nowhere - Iona. It was great. We had special effects like stuffed animals with their heads ripped off and ketchup oozing out of was great until the car driving down our street (we filmed in my front yard, mostly) killed the notion of being in the middle of nowhere.

36. Jean, Bri and I also made our own music video for the song Baby Got Back. We were so fly.

35. I really love that my hubby is so handy.

34. For a person who taught geography, I am directionally challenged.

33. Some of my favorite activities as a teacher were Total World Domination, Ultimate Team Challenge, and Puppet Shows. I had a group of girls rewrite the words to a song from Rent, for their puppet show on the Crusades. It. Was. Awesome.

32. If I could, I would be a full time student forever. I love learning things.

31. I would also like to be a professor, if Universities didn't treat them for crap until they got tenure.

30. I love Stephen Colbert.

29. I'm also too a Purple Donkephant. Amen, Bed.

28. My siblings have all married amazing people. I love all my in-laws!!

27. One of the harder things I've had to do was to plan my wedding without my mom. She was in Georgia with my sick Grandpa and my Grandma at the time. It was a really emotional situation, and I just felt so horrible for the whole situation. I hated that my mom had to go through all that went on.

26. I had a wonderful time hanging out with my Grandma this summer. She went with us on our trip to NY, she made some curtains for Emma's room, and we had several opportunities to just hang out and talk. I really love her.

25. I love the Hershey Pantry Cinnamon Rolls. They are literally larger than my head.

24. Top Chef is the only show that I watch religiously. My current feelings are that it is BOGUS that Fabio got sent home...Stefan is such a jerk, I really wanted him to get the axe!! I hope Carla wins it all!

23. I really love Bravo TV.

22. I still have 2 baby teeth. I just don't have adult teeth to replace them. They are pretty much worn down to the nubs right now. I will one day have to replace them with porcelains. Ack. That means I'll have to go to the dentist.

21. I love all the nicknames my mom comes up with for Emma. Today, her nickname of choice was Emma Muffin, and Miss Emma Sunshine.

20. I could live on cinnamon toast crunch, cherry orchard yogurt, and bananas.

19. I can only use Soymilk now. Regular milk is killer on Emma's tummy. This hurts me deep, because Cinnamon Toast Crunch just doesn't taste right with Soymilk.

18. As a teacher, I had three really, really embarrassing moments. 1) In explaining how guilds worked, I asked students to give me an example of a profession...Baker was shouted out. So, I went on explaining and came to the end, and excitedly exclaimed, "Then you'd be a MASTER BAKER!" Ok...say that out loud. What does it sound like? Where would a 9th grade mind go? Right... 2) During a test review, I was quizzing students on the physical features of different evolutionary species, when we got to Neanderthals. One student told me they had really large noses, and I said, "Oh, good what ELSE do they have that's REALLY LARGE???" Once again, think like a 9th grader. Their minds didn't go to the brown ridge that I was thinking about... 3) One day when we were doing a reading on Christopher Columbus, I was really out of it because I had a sinus infection and was taking a bunch of cold medicine and whatnot. Students were taking turns reading, and as they got to the part that talked about Columbus' merchant ship being attacked by French Pirates, I inexplicably shouted out, "ARRRRRRRRRGH!" Jaws dropped...and then hysterical laughter ensued.

17. I cannot dance. I have no rhythm. I look very much like Elaine Benes (Seinfeld, anyone?) on the dance floor.

16. For a very coordinated athlete, I fall a lot. Many a time I would trip over my own feet while doing warm up laps before volleyball games. Dani, if you're reading this...all I can say is at least I didn't do it while I was running up to sub into the game. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! So glad they caught that one on tape!

15. I really, really like Seinfeld.

14. I love the name Gage for a boy. But it will never happen, because I married into the name Sage. Gage Sage is almost as bad as Sage Sage.

13. I have a real issue with using machines at the gym after they've been used by sweaty, hairy men. Like today, this super hairy dude was for some reason wearing a WIFE BEATER, with hair sticking out everywhere. I felt disgusting even being near him. Ack.

12. I also have a real issue with Elderly people at the gym. I almost came to blows with one very grouchy Centrum Silver lady, over a towel hanging on a machine. Also, they for some reason are completely unabashed about stripping down and strutting around in the locker room. There's just no need for that. Ever.

11. I ate the best pineapple ever while we were in Hawai'i. But then I ate too much of it. And it had its revenge.

10. I have the Newsies soundtrack on my ipod. And I love to sing along!

9. I shall not be wearing spandex outfits any time soon.

8. I was on the Shippensburg University Cow Tipping Team. I did not tip real cows...Molly and I bought inflatable cow costumes for Halloween one year, and went around the whole night pushing each other over. My mom has some really embarrassing blackmail photos of said event.

7. One year the slogan for our Throwing Squad at Ship was "I bet you didn't know they made Sexy This Big". We had that phrase put on some shirts. It made more sense on my 300 lbs teammates than it did on me.

6. While teaching I became very much like Pavlovs dogs. If you needed a potty break you had to wait until the end of the period. The period ended with a bell. There were some days when as soon as the bell rang, I had to pee.

5. I could watch the movie The Sandlot over and over and over again. FOREEEEEEVVVERRRR!

4. I am obsessed with Sneakers and flip flops.

3. I really only go to the Olive Garden for their salad and breadsticks. Can we say yum?

2. My husband eats his hotwings with a fork!

1. My revenge on Bird...she decided one day to start punching my back after my neighbor and I had spent the entire day shoveling driveways. This was when we lived in Canada, so we were shoveling three feet of snow, not the piddley 3 inches that constitutes a "snow storm" here in Pee-Yay. Anyway...when she started hitting my back, and turned around and socked her in the stomach so hard she almost threw up. Why did I pick this time to retaliate? Mom and Dad weren't home:) Bird ran to tell on me to my brother Scott, who was baby sitting. He came down to yell at me. I told him my side of the story, and he said, "Well it sounds like you deserved it, Bird". And that was that:) We still talk about that punch!! Perhaps this all sounds pretty dysfunctional, but Bird and I really did like each other. We were just tomboys, who grew up watching our four older brothers beat each other up, get hit in the face with golf clubs, shoot each other with high power sling shots and bb it's all good:)

Hope I counted right. How many bathroom breaks did you need?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Be a Purple Donkephant

Go to the above link to read up on Purple Donkephants. I'm trying to live up to Anna's challenge, but it won't copy and paste correctly into my blog for some reason! You should REALLY REALLY go there and read the post on starting a revolution. It will blow your mind.

Friday, February 6, 2009

updates and whatnot

Sooooooo how's everybody doing?? We here at the Sage household are doing ok. We've been up and down this cold season, both Mike and I. We've finally kicked both the tummy stuff and sinus stuff, but now Emma's got a cold. She's so sad and pathetic with her little cough, and you can tell she's just congested and miserable. So she's been really cranky and clingy lately. She'll wake up and be happy for a bit, but then she gets grumpy, or...she'll get totally cute and just want to nuzzle up to me. Well what am I saying, she's always cute, even when she's screaming her head off!!

In other Emma news, she's taking a bottle now! I was afraid I waited too long, only starting it last week. She put up a bit of a fight the first night, but has really taken to it like a champ!! So now daddy gives her a bottle before bed time, and it's just really cute to watch the two of them. I'll post some pics when I get a chance later.

I would also like to announce that Emma (like most babies, I'm sure) is Altitudey. Kilgore fam, think: Colorado 2007. I just wanted to use that word!!!

Now, let's talk about me! Inspired by Christy's facebook note, I've gotten myself back to the gym!! It's been almost 2.5 months since I've been. That's the longest break I've taken from the gym since I started high school. And I've got the butt and thighs to prove it. Scary. My goal the first day back was to do one ten minute mile, 6 lifts, and a ten minute cool down on the elliptical. And I did it!! I was most happy that I was able to do the mile, since I hadn't run in 9 months. I worked out all through my pregnancy, but was limited to low impact, because of my previous miscarriage issues and other concerns of my OB. It honestly felt so WEIRD to run again, and I did not appreciate the feel of my butt jiggling as I ran. But, I did the ten minute mile so I was happy about that. So, my goal for the next few months is to get myself back to fit and firm. DOWN WITH THE SQUISH!!!

That is all for now. I have to go figure out how to add flair to my facebook!!