Saturday, May 21, 2011


Had our first yard sale today. It wasn't so shabby. Learned a lot about hardcore yardsale shoppers. Had an interesting conversation with a man who said he really didn't need to pay the ticketed price on a jacket, because after all it was a woman's jacket and HE was in fact, A MAN. Today was also the first day that Emma was really outside since she started potty training. That didn't go so well, but I'm 100% positive that it's because she was getting REALLY annoyed with us for asking, "Emma are you clean and dry?" and "Emma, you'll tell mommy and daddy if you need to pee or poop, right?", every 27 seconds. In the end, she had an accident, but it was during a tantrum that was more or less brought on by the fact that I was sort of trying to force her to go to the potty. (ie, oh, you want to walk up to the park? Well, we can't walk up to the park until you go potty, because there aren't any potties at the park! You don't want to go potty? Well sorry, no park then!) So, lesson learned. Otherwise, PT has had its ups and downs, but she is doing generally well, knock on wood.

Other stuff, other stuff....


I really don't know what else to say. Just felt the need to put something out there, because if I keep having these longs breaks I'm just never gonna come back to blogging. It feels too overwhelming to come back and post after a long break. SARA KILGORE, NOW I KNOW YOUR PAIN. But anyway, I know the world needs me, and my 3 devoted readers would be lost without the sage words found in this blog. (HA! Get it? SAGE words? Bahahahahaha I kill myself!)

Oh there's this other thing that I've been wanting to mention for a while...

I don't know if I ever blogged about it when it happened, but when I was about 37 weeks pregnant I got really severe inner and outer ear infections in both ears. I was essentially deaf, my ears were so swollen I couldn't chew, and I had to sleep sitting straight up (too pregnant to lay on my back, and too painful to lay on my sides). At this time, I went to the doctor and he was all concerned about what he could give me since I was pregnant. One of the things he prescribed was this really old school ear drop. After the first day of using it, my ears hurt so much worse. Called the doctor, said it was common for things to get worse before it got better. Dang. Two more days, I was literally crying in pain every time these drops went in. Got an appointment with another doctor. He gasped when he saw my ears. This acid based drop basically seared the inside of my ears. The flesh was literally burning away every time I put these drops in. And I did it 4 times a day for 3 days. I'm no genius, but that's 12 times.

ANYWAY. What I'm getting at, is that this happened just over 7 months ago. And ever since then, my ears have not produced earwax. Not one tiny little speck of earwax. For 7 months. What's up with that? I'll be honest, it makes my obsession with Q-tips somewhat less satisfying.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Where to begin?


It's been a while. So here's a recap (because I know you all care so deeply...)

I was doing pretty great with the working out and weight loss. For a while. I was doing my P90X religiously for 8 weeks. So I did the first 2 phases, but got tripped up at the 3rd and last phase. I had lost a good 6 or 7 pounds, was losing inches, and more importantly, just feeling GOOD and light on my feet. And then...

Izzy blew up. Not literally, but she was entered a really bad stretch of stomach problems. She's had lots of ups and downs since she was born, and at 4.5 months just got ugly. She was screaming for hours on end, and was struggling and straining to pass gas and poop. She wasn't napping or sleeping well at night. She was struggling to eat and would often scream through meals, and twice she just stopped eating altogether. We ended up in the ER after a particularly bad day (she had refused to eat for almost 18 hours). After lots of testing, we know at this point that her anatomy is normal, so its likely an allergy of some sort.

Through all of this, I had to stop nursing and put her on a hypoallergenic formula. I basically took her to the doctor, and left knowing that I couldn't nurse her anymore. It was devastating. SO ANYWAY.

This totally killed my working out for a good 5 weeks. I was doing it during naps or at night after they went to bad. So, if Izzy doesn't sleep, I don't work out! And on top of that, I spent a good amount of time drowning my sorrows in all the dairy that I couldn't eat while nursing. So I'm a fatty fatty fat fat now.

Good news, Izzy's doing somewhat better. She's sleeping better, is having some good happy time during the day, and isn't straining or struggling so much. We have an appt with the gastroenterologist in two weeks, so hopefully we will get some answers on how to keep these episodes away.

On another note, Emma is awesome. She's just really hilarious, and its been fun to see the way her brain works, and how creative and imaginative she is. She's also been a trooper as we are working out Izzy's issues. Its amazing how patient and compassionate a 2 year old can be!

Also. Bird and I are running a Warrior Dash in about a month. It should be cool.

I think that's all I've been doing lately.