Saturday, March 27, 2010

Whole Lotta Random Emma Pictures

Sometimes she gets really into her books
She loves to lay in this little nook between the couch and a gate

doubled over with laughter

She was laughing so hard, I'm positive she peed her pants!

Loves tubby time!

This is her "MMMMMMM" face she makes when she's eating something good

Naturally, I taught her how to do it:)

Yummy lasagna

She's so cuddly in the morning!!

just being a goofball!

Someone has someone wrapped around their little finger. But I'm not naming names.

Sometimes she needs privacy

Hey! Get outta here!

She loves to read with daddy

How could you not love this face?

And this one?

Oh, she's up to something

Just laying around

Stretching it out

I introduced Emma to Oswald this week. I can't tell you how much joy this brings me.

The End.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why I Cried Today

So, today was a not so good day. It started out with Emma waking up an hour and a half earlier than her norm, screaming bloody murder. Not good.

She popped a tooth a few days ago, then had two really great days, and now is back in pain again today.

Sometimes when she is teething, Emma has a hard time eating anything. Today this turned into epic non-eatingness, as she ate pretty much nothing before lunch. Normally I could just handle this at home and do my best to try different foods, but we had to be at Toyota by 9am, for my recall repairs.

I got there, and the service people said the work would only take a half hour, but they were running behind so it would be more like an hour, or hour and fifteen. Wicked bummer with a starving child who won't eat any of the food I brought with me. The waiting room was packed, so I decided to walk to the starbucks next door. Bought two different kinds of (yummy) pastries, hoping Emma would eat something. She didn't. So I went to Cafe Fresco on the other side of the dealership, hoping to try eggs, or a biscuit, or something. No go there, either. So I just took her across the street and walk around the mall parking lot (it was closed and empty) to kill time and keep her moving.

After about an hour I decided to head back to Toyota for the last few minutes before my car was ready.

We walked in, and I let Emma out of her stroller to play in the kiddy area. It was the first time all day that she seemed herself. She was giggling and playing with all the different toys that we don't have at home. Like I said, we were in the corner, and Emma was giggling, but she was by no means being loud or obnoxious. Then, after about 10 minutes a guy sitting on the other side of the room, BARKS out at me,

"Hey lady, how 'bout you shut your kid up!"

And that is a direct quote. He was so loud, and so sharp, that it scared Emma and she started crying. So I looked up, and then heard another two or three people mutter things along the lines of,

"yeah, tell me about it..."

And I lost it and started crying right there on the spot.

Those people had no idea that this poor little girl has been teething just about non-stop for the last three weeks. They didn't know that her mouth hurt so much that she couldn't even eat anything in the 4 hours since she'd been awake. They didn't know that I'd had to drag her around for the last hour, because the service on the car took forever. No. All they knew about her was that she was playing intently in the corner and giggling. And apparently this is unforgiveable.

I didn't realize I was getting my car serviced at the Library. But I must have been, because that is the ONLY place I can think of, where her giggling may have been out of line. And I'm not even sure about that...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

If you haven't noticed....

My blog well has run dry. I just can't think of anything witty or funny or rage-enducing to chronicle. Except, ya know, my eyebrow hairs. And I know that's the only reason you all even read this blog, so I hate to disappoint. So for now, I'm going to do a little update on Miss Emma, per request. I do not have pics at this point, but I will soon.

Poor little Emma. That girl will just Not. Stop. Teething. Seriously. 14 teeth in the last 10 months, and with few exceptions, they've come one at a time. So, from the time she was 5 months old she hasn't had much of a break. And for all of you out there who told me that after the first few teeth, it wouldn't bother her as much... I HATE YOU. Because for this little girl, each tooth has been worse and worse. And this week has been particularly bad. She just isn't herself. Those of you who know her, know that she is rarely still. Well, this week all she's wanted to do is curl up in a ball and watch Finding Nemo or Veggie Tales. It's really sad and pathetic. I just keep telling myself, "Only 6 more baby teeth!!"

Other than teething, Emma is just nuts. Crazy crazy crazy. She loves to dance, blow raspberries on my tummy, climb all over things, and eat eat eat.

She is ridiculously skinny, but somehow she just never stops eating. And I mean NEVER. All day, every day.

Oh, and also she randomly does really funny things like the one day she decided that her method of opening doors would be to KICK them open. Chuck Norris style. It was hilarious. And also this week she found an empty diaper box that has a little opening in the bottom. So she puts it on her head and walks around running in to things, and peering out of the hole.

And she loves to be outside. It's warmed up quite a bit here, so we've been out a bunch lately. She found her sled in the back yard, and decided she wanted sled rides, and then that she wanted to pull the sled around herself. It looks really funny when it's 60 degrees out!

And she kisses EVERYTHING! (Except for us). Just tonight she kissed her handful of mashed potatoes. She kisses pictures in books, she kisses her stuffed animals, she kisses her own reflection in the mirror, she kisses her toothbrush, she kisses the couch, she kisses my toes, she kisses daddy's knee...the list goes on.

So cute. Oh, and she likes to pretend that she's a puppy. She'll get down and crawl around, and stick her tongue out and pant like a puppy. It's wildly entertaining.

She's just wildly entertaining in general. And I like it.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

5 o'clock shadow

Does anybody else get a five o'clock shadow... on their eyebrows? It's like I have to tweeze every 5 minutes. Annoying.