Friday, June 26, 2009


Please go to the link below and watch this video. PBS does Soulja Boy! Love it!

Friday, June 19, 2009

So many things...

Ok, I'm bringing back the list because I have several various topics to discuss...

1. Emma. Oh my Emma. She is sick. And teething. And has wicked diaper rash. And won't sleep due to the aforementioned issues. So, that's been sucky. It's been a stressful 3 weeks, and Mike is going out of town next week, so I'm hoping she gets out of this funk, soon.

2. Emma also too. Girlfriend is CRAZY! She got her fourth tooth, top, middle/right. She also in the last week has learned how to pull herself into sitting position from lying down, to pull herself into a standing position in her crib, to crawl. She's slow, but ridiculously, ridiculously cute.

3. I hate Nurse Stupid-Head at my pediatricians office. As I mentioned earlier, Emma's sick. It took me calling in three times before N S-H would let me schedule an appt. The first time I called in, describing Emma's symptoms, she actually LAUGHED at me, saying "Teehee, welcome to motherhood, it's what we call TEETHING." Oh thank you...I didn't know babies got teeth? Really? How silly of me! Uh yeah, so 4 days later things just went from bad to worse, so I called again, got N S-H again, she laughed AGAIN and told me it was teething. Whatever. Things went from bad to worse to WORSER, so I called first thing Tuesday morning. Tried to tell me it was teething AGAIN. And I demanded to be seen. Finally let me schedule. Doctor confirms that she has a really bad bug, and her ears are funky. I really had an urge to hunt down N S-H and rub this in her face, hard core. But I refrained. The pediatrician was pretty cool about it, and said that if that ever happens, just demand to be seen, because HE is more than happy to check out a baby if it means nothing more than giving parents peace of mind. So. Yeah.

4. I personally saved the lives of 6 bunnies. Monday Bird came over to babysit Emma while I mowed the lawn. Earlier in the morning I had taken Emma out for a walk in the lawn, and we found this tiny little bunny hiding in the grass (which was way, way long). I tried all morning to spook it away and making it go find another hiding place so I wouldn't accidentally mow over it. But it wouldn't budge! I think there must be some bunny training program where they teach bunnies to play dead in order to deceive prey. Anyway. It wouldn't move. By the time it was ready to mow, it was still there, so I had to put on some gloves and pick it up and move it to safety...once I picked it up it jumped out of my hands and into a safe place. One bunny saved. Then I went and found the nest in the yard. I could see two bunnies in there. I tried spooking them out with the mower, but to no avail. So, I proceeded mowing, Bird and I both keeping eyes on the nest...still no bunnies emerged. So, I decided to just mow around the nest and leave a grass mohawk, despite how much Mike hates them. The nest was precariously located in the side of one of the hills in my front yard. Well, let's just say that I had to chest press my lawn mower up one of these hills...I almost lost it because my shoes started slipping in the grass and the weight of the mower was pushing me down hill...that's when I beasted out my chest press of the mower, and the bunnies emerged. There weren't just TWO...there were FIVE in there! So I felt pretty good about myself, and right with Mother Nature again.

5. Mike. Well, the lucky son of a gun is going to Oregon. For the USATF National Championships. Let me clarify. My husband is going to Eugene Oregon, TRACK AND FIELD CAPITOL OF THE UNITED STATES to watch the USA NATIONAL TRACK AND FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS. And I am soooooo jealous. But, he's going to coach his kid Justin, who has qualified to compete in the Open Jav competition against the OLYMPIC caliber athletes, and is also the #1 seed in the USATF Jr. competition. So, ya know. Still jealous.

6. My marathon training is going quite nicely! I've run 26.5 miles in the last two weeks. So, it's taken me 336 hours to run the 26+ miles I'll need to run in my marathon. Now, I just need to shave 331+ hours off my time by October. I think I can do it. So in addition to running, I've been doing cross training one day a week. This past week I borrowed a P90X video from Bird (she has the whole series). I did Ab Ripper X. And it destroyed me. In a very, very good way! I'm loving it! I'm also loving that I'm finally seeing results from my workouts. I haven't really seen much change since I had Emma, so it's nice to finally be getting my body back!!

7. Um, so on Wednesday I had to take the car in to get the roof rack installed. And while sitting in the waiting room, this older lady pulls out her cell phone and starts talking obscenely loud. I hate it when people are on their phones in public, and feel the need to make sure everyone in a 3 mile radius can hear them. ESPECIALLY when they are mid 50's, with scraggley brown hair and 2 inches of gray roots at the top, with a pasty complexion, and about 30 pounds of spare tire in the middle. Oh, wait...I forgot to mention what made this really, really unforgiveable...

Nasty Lady: Oh hey, girlfriend, yeah I'm just here at Faulkner waiting for my car

On the Other End Person: some stupid and generic comment

NL: Teeeee heee teeee heee. Oh well guess what, I'm certified now!

OtOEP: blah blah blah

NL: I'm a certified lap dancer and stripper! hehehehehe!

OtOEP: yadda yadda yadda

NL: hehehehe no, it just means I can charge more for it now!

OtOEP: oeoeoeoeoe

NL: Gotta get me to retirement somehow!

Me: (insert violent retching noise)

Ugh. I was sooo disgusted. And what made it worse? Later, I was playing peekaboo with Emma. She likes it when I just drape a burp rag or something over her head, and say "Wheeeeeeeeeeere's Emma??? THERE SHE IS!" And so, we were going through that whole thing, when NL says, "Oh my, is she an Emma? I'M AN EMMA!" And she almost ruined the name for me. And it also got me to thinking... Shay if you are future Emma, does that mean that this lady is Future future Emma? I'll be having a talk with her later, just to make sure this doesn't happen.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Emma's Song

These pictures are for Chrysta. Emma and Kelty, getting along JUST FINE:)

Ok please disregard the corny-ish lyrics, poor singing ability and less than stellar sound quality of this video. I just had to post, because it melts my heart that every time I sing, she's all mine. She just stares and giggles, and I know it makes her happy:)

Monday, June 8, 2009

She's just ridiculously cute

And below, you'll see that she really is READY TO ROCK at all times...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mo' Murda

I've witnessed more murder. More...bunny...murder. And it disturbs me. Wednesday afternoon I was taking Emma out for some errands and pulled the car out of the garage and started down the street. And this giant bird that I could have SWORN was a vulture, but in all actuality was most likely a
gi-freakin-normous Hawk, swooped down and grabbed a bunny out of the grass, started to fly off, but then dropped the bunny in the street. Poor bunny then tried to hop away, but was on it's back and was very obviously injured. It was like watching this poor little bunny have a seizure in the middle of the road. A few seconds later the bird swooped back down, picked it up, and flew up to a roof top, and just sat up there with that poor bunny hanging out of its' beak. Thank goodness for rear facing car seats, so Emma didn't have to witness the carnage.

And if that wasn't sad enough...tonight...I...killed...a....bunny.

I just didn't see it in the road. It was dark, I was tired...and I don't even want to talk about it anymore. Let's just say that I am crying right now, and am currently saying prayers that no bunny will come anywhere near me, because I think that I have cursed them all to death:(