Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Heart...

My Heart... oh how it burns!!

Not to bore you all with details of my pregnancy, but this is my blog, so deal with it. This pregnancy has been pretty different from my first one.

First of all, at my last two visits with the OB I've been told that I am doing VERY well with my weight, and oh, my, I must be exercising and eating right, and blah blah blah. Reality? I have had major cravings this entire pregnancy, mostly for things like brownies and cookies, and ice cream, and homemade whipped cream, and all other sorts of sugary junk. And I have, generally, indulged these cravings. AND? I think I've been to the gym maybe 3 times since I got pregnant.

With Emma? I had NO cravings, spent the entire 41 weeks feeling like I was about to hurl, actually. I had to force myself to eat cereal, bananas and yogurt, and that's pretty much all I ate. Except that one time that I woke up in the middle of the night craving peanut butter bread. But still. I was going to the gym 3-4 times a week, and working full time, where I was on my feet most of the day. AND I PUT ON 40 FREAKIN' POUNDS.

I've only put on 20 pounds with this one. And then I realized the difference. When I got pregnant with Emma I was, if I may say, rather fit and firm. I didn't have a six pack, but I sure did have a 2 pack. And a somewhat nonexistent bum. And my thighs didn't rub together when I walked.

When I got pregnant with Squish, I was still 15-20 lbs heavier than I wanted to be, mostly because I picked the stupidest way possible for me to "lose weight". Sure, training for that marathon was great for my health, and helped me build muscle, and I actually had a great time doing the training with Darin, but after the first 5 or 6 weeks, when I started really piling on the miles, my body became too efficient and stopped burning fat, and only ADDED the weight of more muscle. I know, I know. Sob story. That's not my point. I don't really have a point, except to say that things are different. I know I'm not "fat", and I'm not complaining about my body. I'm just typing things because I was told to blog more, and it's getting late and I'm sort of tired and holding a train of thought is proving to be a difficult task lately.


Also different? The heartburn. I never had heartburn, EVER IN MY LIFE, until about 3 months ago. When I got it the first time, I was like "OMG Mike! There's this burning! In my chest and up my throat! ACK! WHAT'S HAPPENING??" And he was all, "You mean, like heartburn?" And then I was like, "this is HEARTBURN??? THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO HAVE THIS FEELING EVERY TIME THEY EAT?!?! I WOULD KILL MYSELF!!" Yeah, I totally get why people complain about heartburn, now, and why there are so many commercials for heartburn medicines. It totally sucks.

And then today, Mike wanted Mexican for lunch. So we went to El Rodeo, and I had exactly 2 chips with salsa before the heartburn struck. And it got me thinking, what do Mexican women do?? I mean, if that's your daily diet, are you immune to the heartburn that pregnancy can bring on? And if you're not, what do you eat? I don't know if I've eaten a non-spicy Mexican dish, HOW DO THEY DEAL WITH IT?!? I mean, I guess there's guacamole and stuff like that that's not too spicy, but still... what if you couldn't eat anything that you used to eat on a daily basis? Torture. Just plain torture. But I guess that's just not Mexicans, isn't Thai food really spicy? And probably other cultures, too.

Also different? The swelling. With Emma, I was able to take my rings off and on at leisure the whole time. I think I mentioned before that about 4 weeks ago now, I had to take them off completely. And that I had to put my hand in the freezer for about 5 minutes to shrink it up, and then lather it up with soap before I could get them off. And my feet. My poor, poor feet. They are enormous. I knew they were swelling, and my ankle bones disappeared, but I didn't realize how big my feet were getting until I tried to put shoes on last weekend. I've been wearing flip flops or slide-ons (are they called slide-ons? They're not, but I really can't think of what you call shoes that just have a strap over the top of the foot. You slide them on, but that can't be what they're called...) all summer. We were headed to the park last weekend, and my feet were just killing me, so I thought I'd help the situation with a little padded sneaker action. And I could barely get them on my feet. And the laces were so loose that I barely had enough slack to tie them. And by the time we'd driven to the park, my feet were throbbing so badly, that I had to take them off, for fear of my feet losing circulation, and falling off completely. Thankfully, we've finished most of the major projects that needed doing before Squish arrives, so I finally feel like I can sit down and relax more. Thus, my ankle bones are usually showing in the morning when I wake up, even if they're not when I go to bed.

Lastly, there's Emma. When I was pregnant with Emma, I didn't have an Emma to chase around. Strange, I know. But with Squishy, I DO have an Emma to chase around. Which is fun, and everything, but it's getting harder to keep up with her. Because she's fast and sneaky like that.

There's been more differences, but I'm bored now, and Mike's on conference call for work (AGAIN!! GAG ME WITH A SPOON!!) so it's getting even harder to hold a train of thought, so yeah.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

For Amanda...

Here are some pictures for SIL Amanda, who is STILL NOT ON FACEBOOK, and so she can't see these pics that I've already posted there...

One day Emma decided to strip everything but her onesie. Then she found the green shirt that Gramma bought for her in Destin, FL. Then, later, she found a winter hat that is far too small for her head. Then, she demanded that I allow her to swiffer the floor. And then, I took this picture.
Emma is such a daredevil (usually). Here she is sayin, "Look MA! NO HANDS!"

Here she is looking like a big girl

And, generally, she's just a goofball.

And here I am, looking pasty and puffy at 34 weeks!

Monday, September 13, 2010

funny stuff

A few conversations I've had in the past few days... this is why I haven't gone insane. Yet.

1. It was chilly and rainy on Sunday, so I was digging around in Emma's room for a pair of pants to keep her warm for her nap. I came down with a pair of white fleecy, fuzzy pants. Mike says, "you know it's after Labor Day, right?"

2. At lunch with Grandma (who goes by GG, or Great Grandma), Bird and Emma.

Me: So, Emma's been mixing you and Jesus up. She'll see a picture of Jesus and call him GG, or we'll be talking about a visit to GG and she'll say JESUS!

Grandma: Oh Boy! I'm not THAT good!

3. On the couch with Bird, as she plays with her new "random trivia" app on her phone.

Bird: Black Whales are born white.

Me: So... I guess that means once they go black, they never go back.


I love these people.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Been busy up in here.

Paint squishy's room: Check

Assemble crib: Check

Put cute owl motif on walls: Check

Buy lots and lots of NB and size 1 diapers: Check

Wash NB and 0-3 mo. clothes: Check

Fold/Hang, and put clothes away: Check

Re-finish old disgusting spicy-mustard-yellow dresser: Check

Take Emma for last hurrah(s) at HersheyPark: Check

Get play kitchen for Emma to have when Squish comes: Check

Make bulk batches of broccoli soup and fresh corn chowder to freeze for ease of cooking when Squishy arrives: Check

Clean out Garage: (mostly) Check

Recklessly Carry heavy items down into the basement instead of waiting for Mike to get home and do it: Check

Replace mailbox: Check

Finally crush and bundle the empty boxes from the move, to be placed in recycling for tomorrow: Check

Join Book Club: Check

Order me up the latest generation Kindle for an early B-Day Present: Check

Finally wear my "You Can Touch My Belly If I Can Punch Your Face" shirt (a gift from Sam and K, can you say PERFECT??) out in public, and revel in the looks I got from it: Check

Gestate to 32 weeks: Check


Sit down and relax and/or take a nap: Uncheck.