Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Farewell, Summer

Well, summer is about to be over. This is my LAST DAY of laziness. I have inservice the rest of this week, and then the kids come back to school the day after Labor Day. I've already got some fun and exciting things planned for my classes, so hopefully I won't end up with a bunch of jerkwadfaces like I did last year. Teaching is so much better when you can actually TEACH, instead of babysit. And hopefully, by the end of this year, I'll have tenure, which is nice. I also start my grad class this week. I already bought all 17 of my books for this ONE class that I'm taking. Gag me, right? Sooooo it's really over. It's gone. It's done. *Sob*

Sunday, August 19, 2007

slide show to go with Ode

Ode To Winterpark

Once upon a time in a land far away
A group of Kilgores gathered to play
Off to Winterpark, Colorado the group did venture
And Grandma Chambers came with her dentures
The view was scenic, without any blemish
The grocery store workers were foreign, maybe Flemish
But it's no worry, the week was super
Full of standard Kilgore-family bloopers
Monday was chill, we mostly just ate
The tacos presented were fantastically great
Cannon was funny because he didn't like us at all
The poor little lad, we're all so goofy and droll
Tuesday was intended for hiking and fun
But the rain beat out the afternoon sun
So it was off to the pool for some random splash time
Until the pool Nazi expounded on pool crimes
No diving, no running, no jumping, OH MY
But that's ok, because Gaby, Cameron and Hudson did FLY
We tossed them and chucked them, oh dear it was funny
But the hot tub was the best, why yes it was "Money!"
Then off to the pavilion for a fantastic grill fest
Mike did the grilling because he's the best!
White water rafting was Wednesday's Event
And I think dad will agree it was money well spent
Karl went crazy with the paddle and bucket
Splashing and thrashing until we all said... nevermind.
After a cold, yet beautiful ride down the river
We were thankful to come home to a wonderful dinner
Sloppy joe's and lots of other goodies to share
Gave us energy for games and flare
That was also when Grandma Marilyn said, "Oh Dear"
"Alyssa has suddenly developed a rear!"
It's true, it's true, but it's no matter
I'll just keep on eating my brownie batter
Thursday was golfing, for me and the menfolk
I think dad beat us by hundreds of strokes
Later we headed back home to our rooms
To clean up for dinner, and pictures with zooms
Then after pictures me, Taylor, Ryan and Bird
Headed for the pool to swim like nerds
Taylor and I made the best synchronized swimming routine
If you ever saw it, you'd buy us some bling
But it was a sad thought when the night was done
Because Friday was our last full glorious day of fun
Three men headed up the mountain so high
Unfortunately for them, they couldn't fly
Sam broke his bike and Jerry nearly broke his head
We're just glad nobody ended up dead
Ryan made it down the mountain without a scratch
Apparently for mountain biking, he has a knack
Then four others headed up the mountain to glide
So nicely and easily down the Alpine Slide
Taylor, Mike and Bird made it down just fine
But I sure did have a heck of a time
I was going too fast, and tried to find my brake
I felt as though my life were at stake
Sadly I only made my self go faster
It turned out to be a nasty disaster
I left half my skin on that Alpine Slide
But I'm just glad I'm not Jerry who tore up his hide
The ladies spent the afternoon out at the shops
While the men stayed home and "watched" the tots
Friday night Me, Mike, Sam and K did cook
It was pancakes, eggs and bacon that were off the hook
And you wouldn't believe it unless you saw right
But it was 7.5 pounds of bacon we ate that night
Iron Chef dessert night, could it get any better?
Follow your recipes, to the letter!
Sadly Sara had an "Altitude-y" issue
And someone had to hand Anna and Chrysta a tissue
That's right, because Christy and I won the competition
When our minty chocolate balls came to fruition
But no matter, we all ate our share
And I think the judges were perfectly fair
Later that night it was sushi for all
Nothings better than a fish and rice ball
We played game after game until midnight was nigh
And we couldn't stop laughing at Chase's Scottish Guy
Then it was off to bed, or to pack or whatever
Regardless it seemed like the night took forever
Saturday morning was a sad time indeed
I was a sister, and aunt in serious need
Of some goodbye hugs and goodbye kisses
From all the people I so dearly misses
Chrysta, Karl, Hudson and Cannon
Anna and Chase and Miles and Cameron
Jerry and Sara and Taylor and Lydie
Owen and Gaby and Kathryn and Sammie
Scott and Christy and Zach and Ty
Mom and Dad, and the Grandma's, Oh my
Then it was off for me, Bird and Mike
Hoping to make our 1 o'clock flight.
The End.