Sunday, March 23, 2008


Holy smokes, what an exhausting weekend!! Here's the rundown:

Thursday - I did demo by myself because Mike had to work. Started around 9, finished around 5:30. Mike got home, we had dinner, put up new framing and installed the first door (incorrectly, I might add...). Noticed our error, fretted for a little bit, figured out the solution, and called it a night around 11:00 pm.

Friday - Woke up at 5:45 (thanks to an alarm Mike forgot to turn off, oops), started to remove the door around 7. Realized we needed a longer metal cutting blade (to cut out the finishing nails, so we wouldn't have to rip out all the framing) so we made the first of our 5 trips to home depot for the day. Came back, got the door out, and finished the framing. Once framing was done, we installed both sets of doors, which was ridiculously challenging, trying to get them PERFECTLY set in the frames, PERFECTLY straight, PERFECTLY even, and actually able to close. But alas, we did it. Started work on wiring for the new lights. More home depot trips. Mike had to leave for Practice. I installed drywall while he was gone. After he got home we had dinner,finished drywalling, mudded the drywall, and painted inside the closet. Called it a night around 10:30 and dropped my car off for inspections.

Saturday - Woke up around 8, sanded drywall mud, taped it and mudded again. Mikes papa showed up (THANK HEAVENS, I NEEDED A BREAK!!) and he and Mike installed the carpet in the closet. Mama Sage showed up with Pizza and stromboli for lunch, and we feasted. Then they installed the new lights in the closet. Then they planed the doors so they would shut properly without sticking, and have enough of a gap between them to shut once painted. Mama Sage took me to pick up my car, and I hit the grocery store on the way home (funny how you get hungry when you're working your butt off!). Then the boys were still finishing things up, and planing, so I decided to assemble the shelving for the closet. Still planing, I decided to INSTALL the shelving on my side. And then on Mike's side. And then hang the rods. And then, just like that, BAM the closets were done!! The inside, anyway!

So, we got everything done except for painting and putting on the trim around the doors, and hanging my full length mirror. We'll do that next weekend. All in all, I'd say it was a very successful weekend. But my body hurts. Everywhere. Bad.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's about to get crazy up in here!

Sooooo, things are great! Quit my job, which is wonderful. Even though I have to work for another 3 months, it's just a huge relief to know that come June 12, I am SOOOO outtie! Except... today I was cleaning/sorting all the crap on our bookshelf and ran across an old manila envelope that contained the letter of recommendation written for me by my "Methods of Teaching" professor, and student-teaching coordinator. It was glowing, and reminded me why I got into to teaching. I had such a great time student teaching!! Too bad Palmyra sucks so bad, that it made me hate it:( But, ya know what, I'm not closing the door on teaching forever, so there's a chance I might find some other school district to teach for down the line.

ANYWAY, that is totally not the point of this blog. The point of this blog is to tell you how EXCITED I am for the upcoming week! Only 2 days of school, 1 inservice day, and then I'm attacking our closet! Literally! With a sledge hammer! Mike and I have long had plans to open up our closet and turn it into two side by side "His" and "Hers" closets with nice littler organization systems, instead of the crap that existed there when we bought the place. So we custom ordered two sets of french doors, picked up a couple closet organizers with shelving and wire drawers, and also picked up a shoe rack. So, this week we are going to tear it all out, and put the new stuff in! Exciting!

We also are going to FINALLY paint our bedroom once everything is in, and we picked up the paint. Main color is "Egyptian Nile" green, with "Cottage White" trim. It's gonna be so peaceful! Hmmm... oh yeah, we went to IKEA today! I love that place!! The nearest one is in Conshohocken. We wanted to see what kind of closet organizer systems they had, and thought it was worth the trip to at least see what they had. Unfortunately, all their amazing closet stuff was not meant to be inserted IN a closet, but was meant to BE a closet, assuming that there was none in the given space. So that was a bust, but IKEA is never a waste, and we found a bunch of other goodies to pick up there. A few cups, cutting boards, and new clock for the kitchen, a swinging mirror for the basement, hangers for Mike's pants (haha), a little pencil case, and a bedside lamp for me. Really just random stuff, but it's that extra stuff that makes your house special! So, we had a good trip, got some stuff we really like, and are anxious to start tearing down walls and putting the new stuff in! I've included some pictures of the stuff we got today, as well as some "before" pictures of our closet. It's horrendous.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Drum Roll, Please...

I submitted my letter of resignation today. Sooooo that means that as of June 12, 2008, I will no longer be a teacher at Palmyra High School. What a relief! Now, any ideas (and no, Chrysta, I unfortunately can't convince Mike to move down to Georgia so I can be your personal trainer and chef, even though you live close to Augusta National...) on what I should do once I'm unemployed? I'll have to find a job for at least a little while...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm On the Bandwagon Again...

After reading the inspirational "I had a good day because..." entries of two of my SIL's and one of my Sisses, I decided to give it a try. Today's as good a day as any, as you can tell by reading my #1...

I had a good day today, because

1) I didn't go to work!

2) I felt really crappy in the morning, but felt mostly better by evening

3) Mom came over this afternoon and I showed her how to workout, then took her to my fitness club so she could try out an elliptical! Nothing like getting your mom ripped!

4) I made some bangin' quesadilla's for dinner

5) I ate oreos

6) I didn't go to work!

7) I haven't shaved my legs in like... a long time

8) My new glasses are super cute, and I wore them most of the day

9) I had a nap from about 8:30 - 11:00 this morning

10) I watched three episodes of Saved By the Bell right before my nap! Hooray for TBS!

11) I didn't go to work!

12) Mike is sick (WHICH IS BAD) but it makes him super cuddly and I love that!

13) Mike and I got to bum around the couch for quite a while today, commiserating in our sickness. Not necessarily a "Good" moment, but the "together" was good, since his schedule has been crazy busy lately

14)I haven't received any emails yet from the school about my classes being bad today while I was gone. That's a good sign, so hopefully they got the message last week when I nearly blew a gasket after hearing my sub report on them...

15) AND THIS IS THE BIG ONE... I think I'm quitting my job at the end of the year. THINK being the operative word. About 99% sure right now... it's kind of relieving to know that I CAN quit if I want to. Mike would like me to quit right now. But then that would just cause all sorts of chaos... but end of the year would be good timing... so I'm hoping I'll actually have the cajones to go through with it...

And that was my good day, because I was at home and not at work. Are you sensing a pattern, here?